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2015 Hobie Adventure Island Inverloch

Hobie's Adventure Island (AI) has long been recognized as their most versatile pedal-powered craft, and for good reason. Fitted with a roller-furling main sail as well as amas, it can be transformed from a kayak to a trimaran sailing vessel. It can also be fitted with a single ama and used as an Outrigger. Because it can be configured in these various ways it can be employed in circumstances that best suit the conditions of the day. As a kayak it's always been a smooth and sleek performer, as an outrigger it becomes super stable and as a trimaran it is capable of going a lot faster with an extended range. Throughout the years the AI has been used for general recreational use - sailing and or kayaking - through to ambitious off shore fishing excursions and extended coastal expeditions, and everything in-between. 


Lowrance X4 Pro sounder

When it comes to installing a fish finder into a fishing kayak, for all sorts of reasons it makes sense to do it in such a way that ensures that the internal wiring is sitting up as high as possible. The idea, of course, is that the higher the wiring the further clear it will be of any bilge that might inadvertently make its way inside the kayak. This is all especially true for the uneducated or lazier among our kayak angler ranks who tend to leave water in their hulls even when in storage (hint: if this is you, you're doing it wrong). It is particularly important to make sure that any wiring connections have as much clearance as possible to avoid contamination that might otherwise lead to power failure.

Recently we've come up with a method for ensuring maximum possible clearance for sounder installation wiring that just so happens to offer some convenient fringe benefits. We call this a 'spring-loaded wiring installation' and it has become the standard procedure that we employ for most installs (in particular, any installation we perform where the battery is stored in the rear hatch). The following is a DIY guide for those that want to take the initiative and install their own fish finders using the same method. In this guide we're installing a basic Lowrance X4 Pro sounder into a Hobie Quest kayak using a Fish Finder Install Kit III, which includes wiring long enough to reach the rear hatch, as well as a battery holder to cradle the battery. *Note: Read the entire guide before attempting to follow the instructions - it will help you prepare for the process better if you know what's involved.


Staying warm and dry makes all the difference

In my last blog entry I talked about the then upcoming kayak fishing expedition to Fraser Island, which is an annual event for my buddies and I. However this was the first time we'd ventured there during May - this is something we normally reserve for November. Figuring that we may chance upon longtail tuna in greater numbers in May we decided to give it a shot. Indeed we did find more tuna... for a day or two at least, but weather was most uncooporative for most of the time (with relatively unseasonal weather it was both wetter and colder than you'd expect to find in QLD at this time of year) which not only made it challenging to catch fish, but also to stay comfortable. At least thats what my buddies kept telling me - I wasn't really noticing that because I was prepared with Lovig Kayak Fishing Pants and that made all the difference.


How catching no fish is a blessing in disguise

I was very fortunate to participate in the recent Lake Tyres Hobie Fishing Tournament on the weekend. And I say participate because that’s all I did. I didn’t contribute to the weigh on the weekend but I did contribute to something far more important, my knowledge of these illusive fish and the art of fishing. I was able to first hand witness some great results by some very skillful fisherman. These include Chris Burbridge The Magician and John the Colonel Clisby. I pride myself on the basic art of catching bream and if they are there I will catch them. Fortunately for me on the weekend I double dounutted as its known in the game. Why fortunate because I realized that I really don’t know a great deal about these fish and that excites me and makes me so hungry to learn more. I would love to have been a fly on the kayak of Burbridge as he commentated why he did what he did and how he did it. His ability to work out patterns in different arenas is something that im looking forward to each and every time he gets in the water. From a fishing point of view his decision making is primal and its not luck its after spending years and years honing his craft, he is a true magician, he is not magical but he can make Bream appear from practically any where.


2014 Hobie Kayak Bream Series, Round 5, Forster

Scott Baker Kayak Fishing

I have been fishing the Hobie Bream comps for over 5 years now and have witnessed many changes to the sport. We have gone from basic kayaks to Pro Anglers with state of the art sounders and some of the boats are even wrapped with sponsors logos. The sounder is something that took a year or two to develop and then it became the norm after a few seasons. Anglers practically all wear their sponsored tops and some are fortunate to be sponsored with gear. None of this really has a bearing on the results as these are items that anyone can purchase and use during the comp and its all affordable. On the weekend I was able to use my new Kayak accessory and there is no hiding my love of this new toy... more on that soon.  

The comp for me is all about having a plan and sticking to that plan. In a sport that relies on skill and being in the right place at the right time some would call luck the only thing you have control of is your thoughts. I have come to realize that my thoughts under pressure are sometimes clouded when compared to when I'm preparing for an event. So the plan is something that I take really seriously. So before each event I will look at Google maps and look for areas that suit my style of fishing. I will then pencil in approx travel times and allocate times I will spend at each location. I love flats fishing and I love throwing hard body lures like Jackal Chubys. So I look for areas of flats and weed beds to focus my attention on. I found some spots that looked good and since I had not fished that part of Forster before my goal was to search new territory and find fish. 


Hobie kayak wheel carts and dolly types for specific models and usage scenarios

Hobie make a variety of wheelcarts and dollys available for their kayaks, all of them well suited to specific kayak models and usage scenarios. The wheelcarts are a simple 'plug-in' style cart that are used by plugging the frame posts into the scuppers. All Hobie kayaks are compatible with plug in carts, though some models won't work well with the lightest (and cheapest) 'standard' cart.


Hobie Pro Angler army

Kayak Purchase Considerations

For some - especially beginners - it's not so much a question of whether or not they want a Hobie kayak... most customers we speak to already know they want a Hobie. But not everyone knows which model will best suit their needs. It can be a bit daunting to be faced with so many models at first but the truth is that there are all these different models for a reason; it's all about horses for courses. One of the primary directives when buying a kayak is to purchase a kayak that will suit your intended usage scenario. So before even looking at any kayaks, the first point to set straight is what is the kayak going to be used for and then identify which ones will suit.


SLH's MirageDrive Information Guide

Hobie's Pedal-powered propulsion system, otherwise known as the MirageDrive, is a unique device that is a bit of an enigma to many, largely because there's really nothing else like it. Fortunately not only is it incredibly robust, it's also relatively easy to use, maintain and service. This FAQ's linked below are intended to provide in-depth information in all of these areas. They are intensive in content, both text and images.


Kayak Fishing Expedition, May 2014

spanish mackerel kayak fishing

I'm feeling a lot like a kid a few days out from Xmas right now because this weekend I'm packing the car with all my kayak and fishing kit and driving all the way to Hervey Bay for yet another expedition to the west coast of Fraser Island. After meeting up with my good buddies Carl & Holger (who, like me, never miss out on these annual trips) we'll be launching our Adventure Islands from the Hervey Bay Marina, sailing to Moon Point and then making our way up to Wathumba creek. ALong the way we'll be trolling lures and should we chance upon surface feeding fish we'll take a moment to cast a few lures. We don't usually encounter too much surface activity until we reach Platypus Bay, where we generally see it daily.