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Accessories, parts and components for Hobie Islands - steering, tramps, covers

Hobie Island spinnaker kit

Add performance sailing when reaching or running (sailing downwind).

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Island hiking stick

Hiking stick to suit Adventure and Tandem Island trimaran sailing kayaks

SKU 72020063

Hobie AI tramps black

Hobie Island trampolines are made from mesh vinyl as used on Hobie's catamaran product. Models are available to suit the Adventure Island (AI) and Tandem Island (TI).

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Island rudder cover

Rudder protection for 2011’ AI and all new style (dynamic) Hobie Adventure Island and Tandem Island Rudders. Very useful for protecting the rudder assembly while loading onto roof racks. Red color helps for visibility during transport.

SKU 82420001

Daggerboard to fit any Adventure/Revolution 16 or pre-2015 Adventure Island model. Assists in tacking and sailing upwind in the AI (or Adventure with sailkit) and increases stability when used in kayak (hull only) mode

SKU 79502001

island shear bolt

Aka brace shear pins (for Adventure and Tandem Islands) should be inspected regularly and replaced if showing visible signs of wear.

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island rudder pin

Rudder pins to suit Hobie kayaks and Island rudder systems

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Hobie Tandem Island Trailer Cradles

Cradles support the hull of Hobie Tandem Islands (TI) when stored and transported on trailers. 

Steering knob for Hobie Adventure & Tandem Island steering handles. 

SKU 88991355

Hobie have redesigned new covers for the Hobie Adventure and Tandem Islands. 

SKU Island-Covers
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Island Aka Knuckle Dampening Kit AI 2015

After running a few experiments in an effort to reduce noise created by movement at the aka knuckle (most noticeable in choppier conditions) SLH have created a simply Island Aka knuckle dampening kit, which simply consists of 8 nylon washers. These are used by positioning them between the crossbar and aka knuckle joins and are very effective at reducing excess free-play at the knuckle join, which in turn reduces noise.

SKU 8x8080740

Hobie paddle T-handle

Hobie's Paddle T handle suits all Hobie paddles, converting the 2-blade paddle into a single-blade canoe style paddle. Popular for use in Adventure and Tandem Island sailing kayaks

SKU 74049001

Hobie Adventure Island Trailer Cradles

AI Cradles support the hull of the Hobie Adventure Island when stored and transported on trailers.

SKU AI-Trailer-Cradles
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Hobie Island wind direction vane

Achieve optimal sailing performance and optimal course with Hobie's new Island Wind Direction Vane.

SKU 72020356

79538001 hobie island paddle clip

Replacement paddle clip for Hobie Adventure and Tandem Island. Attaches to aka

SKU 79538001

Steering handle to suit 2011+ Hobie Adventure and Tandem Island models

SKU 88991301

delrin ball

Replacement Delrin balls for Hobie Island Mast Furlers

SKU 90610111

Rudder Line kit for replacing rudder lines on Hobie Adventure and Tandem Islands. Includes tubes and lines for rudder up/down and left/right

SKU 80019012

island aka end cap

Replacement end cap for Adventure and tandem island Akas

SKU 79520301

island bearing plate

Replacement Hobie Island mast furler bearing plates

SKU 79533001

This kit is designed to strengthen the Aka casting of Hobie Adventure and Tandem Islands. Includes replacement rivets and epoxy adhesive which will reinforce the connection and prevent potential issues in the future

SKU 81412001

Replacement double shock cord assembly for Hobie Adventure and Tandem Islands

SKU 71125501

Replacement rudder line for Hobie Island boats. beige colour. 1000lb breaking strain. 

SKU 81051001

Replacement foam plug for Hobie Adventure / Adventure Island daggerboard well

SKU 79501001

Replacement bag for Island sails. Made from heavy duty woven nylon. Versions available for Tandem Islands, as well as previous and current Adventure Island models

SKU Island-Sail-Bag
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Replacement batten caps for Hobie Adventure and Tandem Island sail battens. Two sizes available

Mast rotator base for Hobie Island Spinnakers

SKU 79503121

Replacement rubber edge guards for Hobie Adventure and Tandem Island crossbars. Sold individually

SKU 79532201

Replacement 'dome' logos as used on Hobie Island Amas. Sold individually

SKU 79545001

Replacement webbed buckle assembly for Hobie Island Tramps. Sold individually

SKU 79527201

SLH are now stocking Ocean 3000 XG SK78 2MM Dyneema for replacing worn kayak rudder lines. This is heavy duty abrasion resistant stuff that works great in the Hobie Islands. 

SKU XG-SK78-2MM-Dyneema