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MirageDrive components - accessories, fins, chains, drums, sprockets, upgrade and maintenance kits

Hobie have done it again. Full power reverse pedal power! Just when you thought it couldn't get any better they have innovated the innovative MirageDrive by adding insta-reverse. Turbo model now available

SKU MirageDrive-180-Turbo
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The ST (Square Top) Turbo Fins are longer and stiffer than the standard MirageDrive fins and will deliver a speed boost as well as more torque.

SKU V2-ST-Turbo-Fin-Kit
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Hobie GT MirageDrive

The Hobie pedal-power MirageDrive has always been a highly efficient kayak propulsion system, not just because it is actuated by the largest human muscle group (your legs) but also because it provides propulsion from the center line of the kayak, which completely eliminates the zig-zagging phenomenon which is an inherent problem faced by many paddle kayaks. The MirageDrive with Glide Technology incorporates roller bearings at key friction points to reduce resistance and enhance performance.  

SKU 80010501

MirageDrive Glide Tech Upgrade Kit

Complete kit for upgrading Hobie MirageDrives to the new Glide Tech version. Kit includes drums, sprockets and idler pulley


Replacement turbo fin masts for Hobie MirageDrives. Version 1 and version 2 types

SKU Turbo-Fin-Masts
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MirageDrive turbo fin Blue 2015

The 'Square Top' ST Turbo fin is the low-cadence top gearing option in Hobie's range of Miragedrive pedal fins. These offer greater acceleration and cruising efficiency than standard length fins. *MD180 version now available!

SKU ST-Turbo-Fin
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Upgrade your aging version 1 MirageDrive to the newer Glide Tech components

SKU 81171002

Miragedrive leash

Hobie Miragedrive leash kit for securing drive to hull. Includes fitting hardware for attaching to hull

SKU 74052101

Hobie kayak idler cable

Replacement Hobie Mirage Idler Cable

SKU 81203001

Hobie miragedrive chain

Replacment MirageDrive chain assembly

SKU 81202001

The 'Square Top' ST fin is now the standard option in Hobie Miragedrive pedal fins. These offer greater acceleration and cruising efficiency than the original standard fins.

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Hobie miragedrive drum glide tech

Hobie Glide Tech MirageDrive Drums

SKU MirageDrive-Drum

Replacement Hobie MirageDrive well cassette plugs

SKU Mirage-Cassette-Plugs
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Miragedrive storage bag

Protect your Hobie MirageDrive with this padded storage bag. Fits standard, ST and ST Turbo fins

SKU 80024

Replacement spines for Hobie MirageDrive. New standard (V1, V2, Glide Tech Compatible) and V2 180 versions available

SKU Miragedrive-Spines
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Version 2 drum shaft for Hobie Miragedrive

SKU 81090001

Replacement fin masts for Hobie Miragedrives

SKU MirageDrive-Fin-Masts
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Version 1, 2 and Glide Tech MirageDrive sprockets

SKU MirageDrive-Sprocket
* Version:

Replacement straps for Hobie MirageDrive pedals, left and right

SKU MirageDrive-Pedal-Straps
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Miragedrive set screw

Set screw with 1/8th hex head. As used for securing the Miragedrive sprocket shaft, idler cable pulley shaft and Version 1 Miragedrive fin masts.

SKU 53170020

Replacement Idler Pulley for all versions of Hobie Miragedrives. 

SKU 81123001

Hobie pedal pads

Hobie pedal pad kits are stick-on neoprene foam pads that adhere to pedals, making them softer on users feet. Introduced as standard in 2010 model MirageDrives and compatible with all versions. Supplied as a pair

SKU 72020034
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Miragedrive clevis pin

The replacement Clevis pin is the pin that holds the fin to the Hobie Miragedrive sprocket. 2 types available - one for V1, V2 and GT drives and another for MD180 Drives

SKU 8020041
* Version:

Outhaul block for Hobie MirageDrive sprockets

SKU 81050001

Hobie miragedrive sprocket shaft

Replacement sprocket shaft for Hobie MirageDrive (suits all versions)

SKU 81080001

miragedrive maintenance and service kit

We've packaged together a few products into maintenance kits for performing maintenance and servicing Hobie MirageDrives. 

SKU MX5/30N + MX6/30B

Locking split ring for Hobie MirageDrive Outhaul block clevis pin. 2 Versions available - one to suit V1, V2 and GT drives, another for newer MD180 Miragedrives

SKU 10860001
* Version:

The ST (Square Top) Turbo Fins are longer and stiffer than the standard MirageDrive fins and will deliver a speed boost as well as more torque. Version 1

SKU 72065

Inox mx5 injector

SLH recommends Inox MX5 lubricant for maintenance on Hobie MirageDrive chains and cables. Supplied in 30ml bottle with injector needle. Ideal for kayak fishing expedition use



Replacement Click 'N Go Assemblies for Hobie Miragedrive kayaks.

SKU Click-N-Go-Assy
* Side:

Add reverse pedal-power to your V2 or GT Miragedrive by replacing the required components to give it full 180 functionality

SKU V2-GT-to-MD180-Upgrade-Kit

Hobie introduced the Flow Fin system for the new Eclipse Stand Up Boards and some Mirage kayak users have adopted these as an upgrade for their Miragedrives. Kit includes a single sprocket, mast and fin

SKU Flow-Fin-Upgrade

Inox grease

SLH recommends Inox MX6 grease for servicing of Hobie MirageDrive units


Replacement Hobie MirageDrive pedal & crank assembly. Left & right sides available

SKU MirageDrive-Pedal-Crank
* Side:

The Hobie Mirage Drive Seal helps keep excess water from entering your Hobie kayak's seating area. 

SKU 81037001

Hobie multi lube

Hobie's new Multi-Lube incorporates a mineral oil base and bio-synthetic components that is environmentally friendly for marine applications. Hobie Multi-Lube offers excellent lubrication, provides an anti corrosive coating that can be used on nearly anything that squeaks, rusts, corrodes or binds up. Ideal for MirageDrive chains, cables and drums.

SKU Hobie-Multi-Lube
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Replacement Glide Tech roller bearings for Hobie MirageDrive. Sprocket, drum and idler pully versions available.

SKU GlideTech-Bearings
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idler shaft

Replacement Shaft for MirageDrive Idler Pulley

SKU 81110001

Hobie's Miragerdrive 180 Version 2 Turbo Fin kit includes 2 V2 180 turbo fin masts, 2 x V2 180 turbo fins and a small tube of loctite for installation. 

SKU 72067002

Replacement Cam Locking Knobs for older model Hobie kayak MirageDrives

SKU 81410001

This kit updates V1 MD180 drives to V2 boom, mast and turbo fins. The newly designed boom makes removal and installation of fins simpler and are more resistant to shark attacks!!! :-)

SKU 81501112

Replacement leg-length adjustment decals for Hobie MirageDrives

SKU 81172001

Replacement 1/4" stainless steel nuts as used on MirageDrive chains and idler cables

SKU 8050111

These are version 2 of Hobie's Miragedrive 180 Shifter and Tendons, available in forward and reverse. These use a thicker thread for connecting tendon to shifter and are stronger and more reliable than the originals

SKU MD180-V2-Shifter-Set
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Replacement springs for Hobie Mirage kayak Click & Go springs. Choose between left and right for standard Mirage models. 

SKU Hobie-Click-Go-Springs
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