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GT Drum Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your aging version 1 MirageDrive to the newer Glide Tech components

Version 1 MirageDrive chains are no longer available, so anyone that needs to replace chains on an old V1 drive is advised to upgrade their unit to Glide Tech using this kit. Part# 81171002

V1 - GT Upgrade Kit includes:

  • 2 x GT Drum, Part# 81175001
  • 2 x V2 Chain, Part# 81202001
  • 1 x GT Idler Pulley, Part#: 81123001
  • 1 x Idler Cable, Part# 81203001
  • 5 x 1/4" Nylock nuts, Part# 8050111

Watch this service guide which will help explain the process of replacing chains and drums

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