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Brand: Hobie
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Hobie Eclipse Miragedrive Flow Fin Kit

Hobie introduced the Flow Fin system for the new Eclipse Stand Up Boards and some Mirage kayak users have adopted these as an upgrade for their Miragedrives. Kit includes a single sprocket, mast and fin. The larger surface area of the flow fin provides more thrust per stroke and increases speed and or decreases cadence. Some users have replaced both turbo fins with a pair of these, while others have reported great results by just adding a single fin (to the rear) of a turbo fin set up. Users of newer model Adventure and Tandem Islands in particular have reported great results. *Not recommended for earlier model Adventure Islands

Users are reporting great results when combined with XL stainless steel pedal cranks, which provide greater leverage due to being slightly longer, which reduces physical effort required to push Flow fins. 

Supplied in kit:

  • 1 x Flow Fin Mast, part# 98100208
  • 1 x Flow Fin Sprocket, part# 98100206
  • 1 x Flow Fin, part# 98100207

FLow fin kit SLH

Shown above: Recommended set up for users who want extra performance but are unsure if they will be able to handle the extra effort required to push dual flow fins. You can always add a second flow fin later if required