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Accessories, components and parts for Hobie Pro Angler Series - deck covers, hatches, steering, storage and fittings

Hobie PA Hatch

The Rectangular Twist and Seal Hatch was originally designed tough for the Pro Angler series of boats and can now also be installed on any 2014+ Hobie Outback and Compass models as well

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Hobie PA Seat

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler fishing kayak Vantage seat. Suits PA12 and PA14 Models

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hobie h-bar adjustable

Hobie's Pro Adjustable Angler H-Bar is designed with the Angler in mind. Constructed with Hobie's H-Rail dodecagon tubing for unlimited accessory mounting options. Models available for Pro Anglers, Compass and 2019 Outback

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Hobie Pro Angler Trailer Cradles

These cradles supports the hull of Pro Angler Kayaks when placed on trailers

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lovig pa cover

Lovig deck cover to protect Hobie Pro Angler 12 & 14 fishing kayaks from the elements in storage 

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PA H-Rail Upgrade Kit

Upgrade kits to add Hobie H-Rail dodecagon tube mounting rails to earlier model Pro Angler fishing kayaks. Kits to suit PA12 and 14 models

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Waterproof tackle boxes for kayak fishing by Plano

Watertight Plano tackle boxes with good seals and removable dividers. Small, Medium and Large sizes (as used in Hobie Pro Angler fishing kayaks). 

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Hobie Pro Angler hatch bucket

Rectangular gear bucket designed for the Pro Angler fishing kayaks and other models fitted with rectangular twist & stow hatches

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Large Pro Angler Rudder

The large Pro Angler rudder has been developed by Hobie to better suit usage in choppy and windier conditions, as well as for sailing, or instances where the user has loaded their kayak with poor weight distribution to the point of being bow-heavy. It is approx 1" longer and 1" wider - enough to make a difference in performance!

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PA tackle rack

Tackle management rack for Hobie Rectangular hatches, as used in Pro Angler 12, PA14 and PA17T fishing kayaks

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PA paddle clip

New style paddle holder for the Pro Angler fishing kayak.

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PA17T trolling motor mount

Trolling motor mount designed to suit Hobie Pro Angler 17T

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Pro Angler Steering Handle

Steering handle to suit Hobie Pro Angler models

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Hobie Pro Angler Vantage Seat

Replacement fabric kit for Hobie Pro Angler Vantage Seat. Includes bottom and backrest sections. 

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Pro Angler Steering Handle knob

Steering knob for Hobie Pro Angler steering handles. 

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Hobie paddle T-handle

Hobie's Paddle T handle suits all Hobie paddles, converting the 2-blade paddle into a single-blade canoe style paddle. Popular for use in Pro Angler fishing kayaks

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PA dual steering riser kit

Hobie's new Pro Angler dual riser steering kit provides users the ability to operate the Pro Angler’s rudder system with either hand from a more ergonomic position. This is particularly beneficial when using a Vantage CT seat in the high position

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Steering riser

Steering riser for Hobie 2014+ Pro Angler, 2015+ model Adventure & Tandem Islands

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Pro Angler Deluxe Mount Board Kit

As featured on 2018 model Pro Anglers the new Deluxe Mounting Boards are now available to be retrofitted on to earlier models. It features an innovative centre loading accessory mounting track, holders for knife and pliers and lashing points for securing leashed items.

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PA rudder sister screw

Male and female 'sister screw' to suit Hobie Pro Angler rudder assembly

SKU 84502301 - 8031490
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Pro Angler bow handle

Replacement handle for the bow of Hobie Pro Angler fishing kayaks

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PA stern guard

Replacement Stern Skid Guards for Hobie Pro Angler Fishing Kayaks

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Hobie PA Hatch Seal Kit

Hobie have developed a new hatch seal kit that is designed to address front hatch leakage issues experienced by some Pro Angler users in rougher conditions. This is a standard inclusion on 2018 model pro Anglers, but this kit makes it available for owners of previous models.

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Custom Pro Angler Cover

Custom heavy duty covers for Hobie PA 12, 14 and 17 Pro Anglers

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Original Hobie Pro Angler Seat

Seat Assembly for original model Hobie Pro Angler fishing kayaks

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PA17 H-Bar Kit

Adapter kit for fitting a H-Bar onto a Hobie Pro Angler 17

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