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Hobie Safety Flag

Hobie designed their new safety flag specially designed for Hobie kayaks. It mounts by way of utilizing the molded threads used for screw-in fittings used in various points on all models. This means they can be installed without the need to install a mounting base. 

Hobie Safety Flag Mount Base

Features a triangular safety orange flag with reflective piping. Simple and easy to install and remove from the kayak, this new flag system uses the Hobie threaded fittings as a mounting point. The screw in base allows for quick removal of the flag mast with a clamping thumb screw - when removing the flag, loosen the thumb screw and pull the pole out of the fitting. It can be used in place of any screw-in padeye without losing any utility; the base incorporates a small saddle molded into it which you can use to route the cargo bungee through.

Simply remove one of the threaded fittings in the cargo area and install the specially designed flag holder fitting in it’s place. The threaded fitting remains in the kayak. 

  • Part# 72020108

Hobie Kayak Safety Flag Compass