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Polymorph Pellets

Polymorph is a commercial grade thermoplastic that softens enough to be formed into any shape you like. Simply heat the pellets in hot water and then it hardens as it dries, forming a tough plastic material similar in consistency to Nylon plastic. Can be drilled, sanded, ground, machined or heated and reformed again. We have used this successfully to repair cracks in the Miragewell of old Hobie kayaks, by using it to form a thick reinforced backing to glue (using Marine Goop) onto the internal part of the Miragewell. We recommend that the crack be welded from the outside first, but we have seen this method work without welding. 

The recipe and directions are as follows (example pictures coming soon): 



1: Weld up crack on the outside using a KC Plastic Welding Kit, or alternatively have it welded by a professional (shout out to YakDoc Plastic Repairs). 

2: Put a packet of polymorph pellets into a cup of boiling water. Let it sit there for two or three minutes. The balls should turn from white to transperent.

3: Take out the blob of polymorph balls and form it into a vague rectangle shape, about the size of a hand palm, roughly 6-8mm thick

4: Press this up into the rear of the miragewell where the crack is, and make sure the crack is well and truly covered. Press it in firmly, making sure it goes all the way to the base of the hull

5: Allow 30 mins to dry (it will turn white again), then remove it. 

6: Now glue it back into place with a healthy liberal smearing of Marine Goop, pressing it firmly back into position. 

7: Allow 24 hours to dry

8: Go kayaking

9: Profit

  • Polymorph 100gram bag, part# NP4260