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New for 2017, SLH are proud to announce version 2 of the Lovig Kayak Fishing pants. With the benefit of hindsight and over two years of feedback from a worldwide customer base we have redesigned the Lovig Kayak Pants with several improvements worthy of note. 

The first thing you will notice about our newer pants is that the fabric is slightly lighter, making them a bit more comfortable in warmer conditions and a little more pedal-kayak friendly. We've also added a second pocket and changed their design to a flatter form. We have also built in seam sealing where the fabric meets the neoprene waist to eliminate seam seepage. Finally, we are also confident that we've got the sizing spot on this time around. 

Fully seam sealed breathable waterproof fabric offering waterproof protection from waist to toes!

Match with Lovig Dry Top or Spray Top for full body outer layer protection, and Lovig thermal pants for adding insulation 

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL

  • SM - Waist: Up to: 32", Leg Length: 32"
  • Med - Waist: Up to: 36", Leg Length: 33"
  • Large - Waist: Up to: 38", Leg Length: 34"
  • XL - Waist: Up to: 40", Leg Length: 35"
  • XXL - Waist: Up to: 42", Leg Length: 36"

Usage & care instructions:

To prevent inadvertent wear & tear it is important to use footwear over the top of the waterproof socks to protect against abrasion, especially when walking around. We recommend fast draining boating shoes or neoprene booties.

  • Hand or machine wash in warm water with liquid detergent.
  • Drip dry or tumble dry on medium heat.
  • We do not recommend the use of powdered soaps or any soaps containing fabric softeners, conditioners, stain removers or bleach, as the chemicals can effect the breathability of the waterproof membrane.

*Optional tube of Aquaseal is available to repair small holes caused by inadvertant accidents with fishing hooks, etc


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