Personal Floatation Device Vests


Sea to Summit Fishing PFD

Sea to Summit's Solution Gear fishing PFD vest has plenty of pocket storage space for fishing and safety gear. This vest is exceptionally comfortable with six adjustment points for a snug fit.

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Hobie i-yoke inflatable PFD red

Hobie's i-yoke PFD is type 1 Australian standard approved inflatable vest.

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New Yoke-style inflatable PFD vest. Includes 3 pockets, all with water resistance closure seals. Ideal for kayak fishing

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Hobie Waistbelt PFD

The Hobie i-Waist PFD is type 1 and Australian standard approved waistbelt style Personal Floatation Device



Ultra Rewa ladies PFD

Rewa is Ultra's most popular women's paddling jacket, featuring a contoured bust design to allow for comfort and the extra movement needed in a paddling environment. 

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Hobie pet PFD

With Hobie's Pet PFD you can take your pet kayaking with you safely Adjustable fit, leash attachment, side pockets, grab handles and soft foam undercarriage support. 

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Designed especially for children, Hobie's premier kids PFD is full of great features to help keep your little ones afloat and comfortable for a day on the water.  The wrap around flotation and support collar are great for comfort and extra safety while a strong grab handle makes it easy to pull your child from the water if required.

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The Sea to Summit Quest Personal Floatation Device (PFD) is a high quality fully featured vest has all the pockets and attachments you could want or need, including a front pocket with key clip, iPod® portal and a 1.5 litre water bladder pouch (bladder included).

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The new Inflatable Fisher PFD vest from Ultra is one of the most comfortable inflatable PFDs you will find, featuring air-mesh lining to reduce perspiration and offering 3 gusseted pockets (2 of which have internal organizers as well as outer mesh pouches) and one pocket with a water resistant zipper and a lash tab for securing a knife / multitool, light / torch or whistle.

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The new Inflatable Waist PFD from Ultra is a compact Personal Floatation Device worn around the waist and is highly suitable for Stand Up Paddleboarding.

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The fishing PFD has been designed specifically with angling in mind, with plenty of storage utility built in. Durable construction, two colours (olive and yellow), one multi-size fits all!

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The new Commercial PFD from Sea to Summit is a multi-fit vest that is a great for all recreational kayaking pursuits. It is durable and comfortable. The custom fit features make it a one size fits all proposition, which makes it great for groups such as clubs, schools and families