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SLH Folding Kayak Fishing Net

SLH have chosen this net for it's overall suitability for kayak fishing applications. With a handle length of 58cm it's not so short that you have to lean out precariously to net up a stubborn fish, not so long that it becomes top-heavy and clumsy when scooping up a big one. Handle retracts into net and net folds in half to reduce size for less cumbersome storage. Made with fish and hook friendly silicon rubber netting. Big enough to handle a large snapper, small enough to not be overkill for bream, whiting, squid and other bread-&-butter itty-bitties. Suitable for fresh or salt water use (rinsing after use in salt water highly recommended) 

SLH Folding Kayak Fishing Net extended 

  • Full length extended: 94cm
  • Retracted length: 60cm
  • Net length: 37cm
  • Net width: 38cm
  • Net folded width: 20cm 
  • Handle length: 58cm

Lovig Fishing Net 

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