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SLH Compass Anchor Trolley Kit

As much as we like Hobie's anchor trolley kits for their versatility, SLH staff have opted for an alternative, somewhat simpler anchor kayak trolley system that works for a lot of our customers to. Especially popular on Compass models kayaks. Unlike the Hobie anchor trolley kits, the SLH variant is designed to run half the length of the kayak (as opposed to full length) and will suit users who are only require to be anchored from the rear. 

SLH Anchor trolley kit fitted to Compass kayak

Ronstan cheek block

We use high quality Ronstan Cheek blocks (with s/steel ball bearings), 6mm bungee a single stainless steel snap clip and built the kit into a complete unit that just needs to be attached to the hull (stainless steel self tapping screws provided).  

SLH Anchor trolley kit install guide

Installing this anchor trolley on the port side is generally preferable for most people as the anchor trolley will not compete with the paddle position. The beveled top side of the Compass is the best position for both pulley blocks, as shown above.

Mark the pulley block position 5 - 10cm behind the steering handle and in between the steering strings. Mark hole positions then pre drill with 2.5mm or smaller drill bit.

Use the self tapping screws provided to screw down the first pulley block. Optionally, smother some clear silicone or Marine Goop on the base of the block before screwing down

Follow the angled side of the Compass to the rear and stretch the second pulley block down to the rear corner of the kayak so there is some tension in the bungy cord. Mark this position then pre drill two pilot holes again. Fix the second pulley block down with self tapping screws provided.

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