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Kayak fishing equipment by BerleyPro - lighting, transducer mounts, fish finder visors & storage utility

Berleypro Fish Finder Visors

BerleyPro have developed a range of custom sun visors compatible with various Fish Finder units that are popular for use on fishing kayaks. Eliminates sun glare and minimizes water drops splashing on screen. 

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Berleypro transducer cover plates

BerleyPro have developed a range of custom transducer cover plates compatible with the Hobie 'Lowrance Ready' system. Models available for Lowrance, Garmin and Raymarine available

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BerleyPro Orb

BerleyPro's specific selection of LEDs are super bright and waterproof (IP68) with extremely low current draw at 210mA. Bright enough to ensure high visibility to other boaters and provide a handy working light while fishing in low light conditions. This light runs on a 12v power source (we recommend FPV Lithium Kayak Batteries).

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BerleyPro SideBro

BerleyPro Side Bros are gear organizers that offer increased utility over standard Hobie mesh pockets. Integrated storage of snips, pliers, leader lines or soft plastic satchels. Easily installed with included fitting hardware. Available individually or as a pair.

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BerleyPro Batterang

The BerleyPro BatterangBro battery holder is a tidy solution for storing FPV Lithium Batteries into 8" Hatches, as commonly used on Hobie kayaks. Choose from single or dual battery mount options

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Berleypro stow bro

The new BerleyPro Stow Bro is the perfect tool organiser for under a hatch, side of a boat or in your kayak. It just so happens to fit neatly under the Hobie Pro Angler rectangular hatch!

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BerleyPro Jig Bucket

Organise your kayak the right way with a BerleyPro Jig Bucket Edition Side bro. Made to fit the existing Hobie mesh pockets on the sides or the rectangular hatch box, JB SideBros are great for storing tackle boxes, soft plastics, etc, and can be mounted to pretty much  any flat surface on your kayak, boat, cooler or more, with the stainless steel fasteners provided. They can also be fitted to the sides of Pro Angler Vantage Chairs using Vantage Bro Adapters. You can use the slots machined also for hanging hooks, jig heads, spinner baits etc

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By popular demand BerleyPro have created a kit for fastening Sidebros and Jigbucket's to the side of Hobie Pro Angler Vantage chairs. This kit includes 2 x BerleyPro Vantage Bro Adapters, 1 x SideBro, 1 x JigBucket and stainless fitting hardware

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Berleypro vantage bro kit

BerleyPro's Vantage Bro Adapter makes it simple to fit BerleyPro SideBros and JigBuckets to Hobie Pro Angler Vantage Seats, as shown below

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BerleyPro Prison Pocket

The new BerleyPro Prison Pocket is a storage system designed to securely store all sorts of fishing gear and is compatible with Hobie Pro Angler Vantage chairs. Includes a large pocket to hold tackle boxes at the rear (275mm L x 118mm H x 45mm D) and a smaller pocket on the front to hold soft plastic pouches or smaller tackle trays (170mm L x 60mm H x 24mm D). Supplied with Vantage Seat adapter plate. Left and right sides available

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