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BerleyPro Bucket Bro for Hobie rectangular hatches

When the great Hobie Rectangular Hatch Bucket disaster of 2020 struck we were left without a solution to offer our customers and we felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

That's when we started nagging BerleyPro Head Honcho Martyn Gittens with a desperate plea to build us something similar. We weren't overly particular about what we wanted (we trust BerleyPro to get these things right). We did have one request, however, which was to make the bucket with a little less depth than Hobie's offering. And the reason we asked for that is that every now and then the standard buckets will not quite fit into Compass and 2016-2018 model Outbacks (typically due to hull deformation). We can confidently tell our customers these are going to fit into a Hobie rectangular hatch regardless of the kayak model and condition. 

While Bucket Bro's don't have quite the same storage volume, this product probably offers a bit more organizational utility. And because they made in Australia they come freshly infused with a healthy dose of Mojo that would only find in a product made by BerleyPro    

  • BerleyPro Bucket Bro for Hobie vertical and horizontal rectangular hatches, Part# 2625 

Bucker Bro Hobie Pro Angler Hatch

BerleyPro Bucket Bro

BerleyPro Rectangular Hatch Bucket Bro

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