Rod holders for kayak fishing by Hobie, Ram, Railblaza and Scotty 
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This rod holder is the updated design of RAM's original rod holder. This unique design offers quick removal of the rod when a fish is on, and features a securing flip-over bail for rod security while trolling or for use as rod storage. Available with or without RAM ball mount bases

SKU RAM-117B-201U
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Railblaza Rod Holder 2

The Railblaza Rod Holder II is robust, versatile, and value for money. It will hold your rod securely into any starport. Available with or without mounting base

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RAM Revo tube no base

Ideally suited for a wide range of applications and fishing vessels, the RAM Revolution Tube Jnr Rod Holder (AKA Zooka tube) is a versatile rod holder that will accommodate a wide variety of rod and reel combos. 

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RAM tough tube fishing rod holder

The RAM Tough Tube Rod Holder is designed for heavy duty sport fishing, ideally suited for trolling for large pelagic fish from kayaks. 



Designed to mount horizontally in your boat or kayak, you can rotate the rod holder 360 degrees, while tilting the cradle forward and back for the optimum angle. 

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Horizontal Rod Holder Kit

Keep your fishing rod secure and protected along the side of your kayak with the Hobie Horizontal Rod Holder Kit. 

SKU 72021060


The RAM Revolution Rod Holder consists of the RAM-ROD™ 2000 fishing rod holder head unit with ratchet arm with single open socket. One of our most popular rod holders for kayak fishing. *Available with or without ball mount base

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Hobie flush mount extension tube rod holders fit neatly into the flush molded rod holders on the fish kayak models.

SKU 72020014


Scotty Rocket Launcher

Scotty Rocket launcher tube style rod holder with flush mount base. Fully Adjustable rod holder with over 9" of stainless steel jacketed composite construction, accommodating all rods.

SKU 80048005


RAM tube no base

The RAM Tube Rocket Launcher style rod holder consists of the RAM-TUBE™ 2008 fishing rod holder and base. 

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livewell rod holder

This tube style rod holder is designed to be attached to the Hobie livewell, which comes with 3 as standard (as pictured below), but can be fitted with up to 5. 

SKU 72020015


Hobie Adjustable Rod Holder Extension

Hobie's new Rod Holder Extension is adjustable and secure. 

SKU 72020074


H-Rail Rod Holder Assembly

The Hobie H-Rail Rod Holder Assembly has been designed to be easily mounted onto fishing kayaks featuring Hobie's dodecagon H-rail system. Adjustable and versatile - designed for use with both threadline and overhead reels and suitable for bait fishing, drifting and trolling. 

SKU 72020098


The Scotty Bait Caster/Spinning Rod Holder has a multi-purpose design for holding bait caster reels, spinning rods or trigger-grip rods. The cushioned cradle safely holds the rod, which is securely fastened by a soft top strap. 

SKU 80048011


Railblaza Rod Holder R

Railblaza's new Rod Holder R is the little brother to the RodHolder II. It is designed for light to medium duty kayak fishing with spinning and baitcaster reels.

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The new Rod Tube has been designed by Railblaza to accommodate anglers who want to keep their reels elevated and clear of waves and splash, and or prevent the rod butt from getting in the way of pedal propulsion systems. Includes a drop-down gimbal at the end of the tube. 

SKU 02-4118-11