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Sounders, chartplotters and installaton equipment for fishing kayaks
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Hobie fish finder install kit mk 3

Previously known as Hobie's 'Fish Finder Installation size kit 3', the Lowrance Ready fish finder install kit is recommended for installing sounders into all Hobie kayaks that have a Lowrance Ready scupper transducer

SKU 72020070

Hobie thru-hull wiring kit

Kit for passing wires through the hull of a kayak. Contains 2 pass thru plugs with various grommet adaptors for varying thickness wires. Handy for fish finder installations. 

SKU 86505621

Mountable holder for Hobie 8amp 12v battery as used for fish finders and Micro Power Poles. Can be cradled in 8" twist & stow hatches or mounted to sail mast receiver posts

SKU 72025007

*Out of Stock* Hobie’s Fish Finder Install Kit (previously known as their installation kit II) integrates a waterproof 9AH gel cell 12-volt battery to provide more power to run larger units like the Lowrance Full Size Series of fishfinders. It can also be used to run smaller units for longer periods of time.

Transducer Kayak Scupper Mount

External transducer-mounting system for sit-on-top fishing kayaks.

Electrical connector set

Set of male/female waterproof plugs with wires and 4 waterproof silicon filled wire nut connectors. Handy when custom batteries are used in fish-finder installations

SKU 72021027

Hobie kayak thru-hull wiring plug 86505611

Single pass through plug for feeding electrical wiring through kayak hulls

SKU 86505611

SLH have modified the Powertech MB3611 12v Battery charger to include a water resistant connector to charge 12v or 6v batteries used in fish finder and livewell installations. This is a 4-stage fully automatic switchmode battery maintenance charger that is also perfect for charging any car or motorbike battery

SKU MB3611

humminbird transducer install adaptor

Adaptor plate for mounting Humminbird transducers into Hobie kayak transducer scuppers

SKU 84505901

Inline fuse holder with 3A fuse for use with all Lowrance sounder units. *Sold individually

SKU 000-0127-50

Designed in Australia by kayak anglers, the FPV-POWER batteries are ideal for kayak fisherman operating modestly sized fishfinder units. Available in 7 and 17 AH options. Includes charger and waterproof pigtail connection. 

SKU FPV-Power-Lithium-Battery-Kits
* Size:



3-Way compatible thru-hull plug and grommet wiring kit, as used on 2016 model Hobie Mirage Kayaks. Supplied as single plug and a set of grommet adaptors 

SKU 86505613

HDi tranny pad

Transducer insulated foam pads for internal installations of Lowrance transducers into Hobie kayaks

SKU 72021041

Lowrance's HOOK2-4x with Bullet Transducer and GPS Plotter is the world’s easiest fishfinder unit, offering simple menus, easy access functions and Autotuning sonar. Features wide-angle, Broadband sonar coverage and a simple and accurate GPS Plotter. Great choice for fishing kayaks


Water resistant female connector with 5 metres of wiring for use in installations of fish finders


Male water resistant style plug with short lead (approx 200mm length) for attaching to battery terminals for fish finder installations

SKU 290

HOOK2-5x with SplitShot Transducer and GPS Plotter offers simple menus, easy access to key functions and Autotuning sonar with a 5" screen form factor. Features SplitShot 2-in-1 sonar with wide-angle, Broadband coverage and DownScan Imaging, plus a simple and accurate GPS plotter. The obvious choice for kayak anglers who desire downscan imaging as well sonar and GPS


Wire loom with fuse holder and fuse. Used to run two devices off one battery with a single fuse for each. 

SKU 70

The Hobie Rudder Ready Kit makes it possible to mount a fish finder transducer to your Hobie Kayak's Twist & Stow rudder blade.

SKU 79050306

12v Battery Charger as used in Hobie Fish Finder Installation Kits. 

SKU 72025002

SLH have been installing fish finders onto kayaks ever since installing fish finders onto kayaks became a thing. We're especially handy at fitting them into Hobie kayaks and thanks to Hobie's Lowrance-Ready and Guardian Transducer Scupper systems, we get great results every time. We take various approaches to installations and some people are surprised to learn it's not really a simple plug and play affair and that there is a few pieces to the puzzle. There's no single silver-bullet solution that suits every scenario. The kayak model and sounder type we are working with can dictate how we go about it, as well as the transducer type and battery mounting options available. Fortunately there's more than one way to skin a cat so we haven't yet met a kayak we couldn't install a fish finder onto. The following information relates to some of the equipment we typically use and why

SLH use Trem tube clips to mount FPV Lithium Batteries to Hobie Mirage kayak mast receiver tubes, and now you can to!

SKU Trem-Tube-Clips

Hobie’s plug-and-play option for installing a fish finder unit onto your Hobie iSeries inflatable kayak. Featuring Hobie's Rudder Ready* transducer mounting kit, a custom RAM fishfinder mount extension that attaches to your Vantage seat, a lightweight PRO POWER 12V, 10 amp hour lithium battery, charger and wiring components. 

Railblaza's new R-Lock Fish Finder Mount is designed to be compatible with sounders / chartplotters with U-shaped mounting brackets. Features the new R-Lock friction joint system at top and bottom for unparalleled angle adjustability. Will fit into any Railblaza Starport

SKU 02-4141-11

The Railblaza Hook 2 adapter can be mounted to any Starport fitting to secure your Hook 2 sounder to your boat or kayak

SKU 02-4143-11