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SLH have been installing fish finders onto kayaks ever since installing fish finders onto kayaks became a thing. We're especially handy at fitting them into Hobie kayaks and thanks to Hobie's Lowrance-Ready Transducer Scupper system, we get great results every time. We take several approaches to installations, depending on the model of both the kayak and sounder we are working with, as well as the transducer, head unit and battery mounting options available. There's no single one-size fits-all set up for everyone but fortunately there's more than one way to skin a cat.


In the vast majority of cases we mount sounder units to kayaks using the time-proven RAM mounts. The simple ball and socket system is reliable, versatile and offers almost unlimited mounting options onto rails, tracks and flat surfaces.


There are two sizes of mounting ball/sockets available and because most kayak anglers are using reasonably small and light fish finders (for obvious reasons) in most cases the smaller 1" ball/socket mount is sufficient. The larger 1.5" size mount is more appropriate for larger and heavier units and are a good idea for kayak fishermen who are launching through surf. 


We are huge fans of using FPV Lithium Kayak Fishing Batteries as a power source (due to their light weight, compact size, suitability for use in kayaks and value for money) and offer 7 and 17AH options. BerleyPro Batterang FPV Battery Holders are a handy accessory we often use for mounting these batteries into the lids of Hobie 8" hatches, but we also have various techniques for mounting them in other ways.

We sell and recommend Lowrance Fish Finders due to their compatibility with Hobie's Lowrance-Ready Transducer Scupper system, although we have installed various other brands onto Hobie kayaks as well. Our most popular sounder models are the Lowrance Hook 2-4x and Hook 2-5x, both of which represent great value for money and are highly suitable for most kayak fishing endeavours  .

Because there are so many variables when it comes to fitting a fish finder into a kayak we really need to know what we are working with before providing an accurate quote for installing a fish finder. It all depends on the kayak in question and which sounder, power supply, mounts and install method is being employed. Complete installations of fish finders including the sounder unit, mounts, power supply and miscellaneous hardware used in the install process start at around $540 (Hook 2-4x & 7AH FPV Battery).

Contact us if you'd like to book your kayak in to have a fish finder installed into your kayak

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