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Kayak Fishing Mounting Accessories

Also see: H-Rail - Ram - Railblaza - Scotty

Might Mount

Use Yakattack's Mighty Mount attach track mount style gear to your kayak. Popular for use with the Visicarbon Pro safety flag as well as the Panfish Pole and Panfish Portrait camera mount systems

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Marine Goop

Marine Goop is an adhesive and sealing agent that has various applications for accessorizing kayaks. Also popular for internal installations of sounder transducers into fishing kayaks

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Silicon rubber for mounting kayak gear

Marine grade clear coloured silicon rubber sealant, perfect for insuring water tight seals when fitting mounts and accessories to your kayak

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Gear Track for kayak mounts

YakAttack GTTL90 Gear Tracs allows for versatile mounting of all your kayaking fishing gear. The optional FullBack backing plate provides easier installation and increased security. 4, 8 and 12" models available

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Hobie Kayak Well Nut

Rubber well nuts with hex-head screw. Handy for mounting gear on kayak hulls where internal access for thru-bolting is difficult to impossible. Sold individually. 1.5" 10-32 Screws Optional

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stainless screw

3/16 304 Stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers for mounting accessories to kayaks

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Hobie i-glue

Hobie i-glue is used to adhere mounting bases to inflatable kayaks and SUPs.

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RAM Hand Tracks

The RAM Hand-Track is an ideal track and handrail solution for boats, kayaks and more. Compatible with all RAM, Railblaza and Scotty track mounts, the Hand-Track includes two top-loading end caps for attaching to a flat surface. 

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