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Rigging trac-mount equipped kayak with Railblaza accessories is easily possible with a MiniPort TracMount. The MiniPort TracMount is designed to fit most existing tracs, including YakAttack, Wilderness Systems, Native Watercraft. No tools required

SKU 03-4108-11

Railblaza have introduced a new Starport mount for their vast range of kayak and boating accessories - the HD Starport. Uses the same footprint as Scotty deck and flush mounts, so it can be used to replace Scotty accessories with Railblaza alternatives

SKU 03-4046-11

The Railblaza Three Axis Platform is a flexible mount that is ideal for mounting a camera or fish finder to a kayak. With two swivel points and a tilt adjustment you can easily rotate, tilt and change the view from landscape to profile. 

SKU 02-4025-11

Railblaza Sideport

The Railblaza Sideport version of the StarPort is a versatile multi-functional mount. If you require a vertical surface mount, but need a horizontal Starport socket, SidePort is the mount for you. 

SKU 03-4014-11

Railblaza Camera Mount Kit

This compact option allows you to adjust your camera to every angle, with factory set friction joints your camera will stay steady. The Camera mount adapter will fit all cameras with a ¼ inch thread insert allowing them to become StarPort compatible. Then to mount it on almost any surface just add the correct Railblaza mount. 

SKU 02-4054-11

The RAILBLAZA CameraBoom 150 is the ideal way to hold your camera and capture awesome kayak fishing footage from a forward mount position. 

SKU 02-4030-11


Railblaza's StarPort is a unique and versatile multi-functional mounting dock, which is used in a huge number of boating and kayaking applications, allowing users to fit and swap out various Railblaza accessories.

SKU 03-4015-11

Railblaza have released their new R-Lock Starport Extender to replace the older versions, offering more versatility making them perfect for fish finder, camera and GPS mounts

SKU 03-4144-11

Railblaza Camera Mount Adaptor

The Railblaza Camera Mount Adaptor will fit all cameras with a 1/4 inch thread insert allowing them to become StarPort compatible. Then to mount it on almost any surface just add the correct Railblaza mount. Also includes GoPro Tripod adaptor to suit most action cameras on the market.

SKU 02-4053-11

railblaza mobi

The Adjustable Railblaza Mobile Device Holder ("Mobi" for short), is designed to cradle devices such as GPS, VHF, EPIRBs, PLBs or other mobile devices.

SKU 02-4033-11

Railblaza Extenda Pole 1000

The robust and lightweight Extenda Pole 1000 is a versatile modular mounting pole designed for use with lights, flags and cameras. It collapses down to a small length and has great corrosion and UV resistance.

SKU 02-4067-11

The Universal kayak motor mount from Railblaza makes it simple to mount a motor to almost any canoe or kayak

SKU 04-4091-11

You can attach Railblaza adaptors to anything you like to make them StarPort compatible, or bolt the 2 adaptors together to make a male to male fitting.

SKU 02-4043-11

The Railblaza Transducer Arm has been developed for  kayak anglers needing an easy way to install and remove fish finder traducers.

SKU 02-4061-11

Railblaza's new E Series 12V StarPort combines a 12 volt DC 3 amp socket within our StarPort base allowing the connection of LED spotlights, cabin fans, depth sounders and many other devices.

SKU 03-4081-11

Railblaza Railmount 19-25mm

Railblaza rail style mounts are simple to use, allowing for easy attachment of Railblaza boating accessories to circular rails on your boat or kayak. 

SKU 03-4011-11

Railblaza railmount 32-41mm

The RailMount 32-41 is specifically designed for both circular AND square sided 32 mm (1.25 in) rails, and 41mm (1 5/8") round rails such as those found on Hobie Adventure and Tandem Island akas. It comes with rubberized inserts to reduce longitudinal slippage on both types of rails, as well as rotational slippage on circular rails. For extra grip, a length of self-adhesive grip tape is supplied. 

SKU 03-4013-11

The Railblaza StarPort HD TracMount Kit provides tool-free installation of accessories to boats and kayaks into gear tracks.

SKU 03-4109-11

Railblaza have introduced a new rod holder extender that fits any of their rod holder systems, offering 125mm extension. Use it to gain clearance on deck by spreading your rod holders further out, or otherwise to position the rod holder closer to your seated position

SKU 02-4137-11

Railblaza have developed and fantastic new camera mount system in the new R-Lock Camera Mount series. The R-Lock friction joint system combines with an adjustable knuckle joint to offer rotating joints that can be locked and offers greater control of pitch and yaw angles.

SKU Railblaza-R-Lock-Mounts
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The Railblaza DrinkHold can be mounted upright into any Railblaza Starports as well as being sidemounted on Railblaza Sideport

SKU 02-4048-11