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Scotty Flush Mount, now supplied with stainless hardware and optional backing plate

SKU 80049011

scotty adapter kit

The MightyMount Scotty Track Mount Kit is compatible Yak Attack Gear Trac, Wilderness Systems SlideTrax and Native Groove System, allowing you to easily mount Scotty and Cannon bases to tracks. Includes all required fitting hardware.

SKU 72020052

Scotty Deck Mount. Compatible with Scotty rod holders. Supplied with stainless fitting hardware and backing plate

SKU 80052011

Adaptor for mounting Scotty accessories into Yakattack mighty mount and gear tracks. Compatible with many other track mount systems seen on various kayak brands 

SKU 80048007

Scotty Rod Height Extender 6.5"

The Scotty Rod Height Extender is useful for extending the height of Scotty rod holders

SKU 80048003

Scotty Gear Head Mount

Quick and Easy, Drop and Lock System. Allows you to secure and re-position your rod holder with just a twist.

SKU 80048006

H-Rail Scotty Gearhead

SKU 84620152

H-Rail Scotty Deck Mount

SKU 84620154