Roof Racks and Car-Topping Systems for kayaks and SUPs
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Rhino Universal Side Loader

Rhino-Rack's Universal Side Loader (RUSL) assists in side-loading a kayak onto roof racks.



Rhino's Nautic Kayak Lifter is a complete system for easily loading and unloading sit on top kayaks. It is the only one in the market that has an 80kg load capacity, does not require any heavy lifting and a single person can operate it using the included winch. Great option for heavier kayaks such as Hobie Pro Angler, Oasis, Adventure and Tandem Island models



SLH suction cup load bar

Our new version of the SLH suction cup load bar has been designed to simplify the process of loading a kayak onto roof racks from the rear of the vehicle.


Rhino T-Load kayak loader

Rhino-Rack's new T-Load is the perfect solution for loading and securing kayaks onto your roof rack.

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Loading Pro Angler with Side bar

Car-topping a kayak can seem like daunting task, especially for larger and heavier kayaks. There are many ways you can go about loading a kayak onto roof racks and in this video we demonstrate all the various ways we go about doing it. Whichever system works best for you will be determined by your kayak model, vehicle type, and roof rack arrangement.


SLH Rhino kayak side loader

SLH worked with Rhino to come up with a simple fixed side loading system for kayaks and this is what we came up with. Allows for simple loading of kayak at the side of the vehicle lifting one end at a time


NOTE: We no longer sell this item. Instead we are now stocking the Kayak Ceiling Lift. The perfect way to store a kayak in a garage or carport with assisted loading and unloading from car roof. Lift it up to the garage ceiling while not in use and get it back onto the car roof in an instant.



rhino roof racks

SLH sells, recommends and upon request installs Rhino roof racks. However due to the expansive nature of the range of roof racks available from Rhino, we don't carry them in stock. As such they are available by order only. Delivery times generally vary from 3 - 5 working days.


Hobie's roof rack pads feature a durable black polyester cover and medium density foam core. 36" length, Aero bar compatible

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Thule Waterslide

Thule's waterslide is designed to protect your car and simplify kayak car-topping



easy fit roof rack

The Easy Fit Roof Rack designed to load kayaks, SUPs, skies and snow boards and boxes on top of your car.

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rhino cradles

Rhino-Rack’s Nautic 581 is locally built by engineers with first-hand kayaking experience and features the next generation in design and technology.

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Green kanu locks for kayaks

SLH sells Kanulock Lockable Tiedowns straps in 3.3 and 4.0 metre length.

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SLH has access to the full range of roof racks from Thule.


Thule Quick Loop

Thule's Quick Loop installs easily by placing under hood or trunk and is secured by the closed lid.



Thule Quickdraw

Perfect to use as a bow and stern line.



Rhino side loading carrier

Rhino-Rack’s Nautic 580 is locally built by engineers with first-hand paddle boarding experience and features the next generation in design and technology.

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suction cup

Heavy duty suction cup with threaded 1/4" stud. As used in SLH Suction Cup Load Bars



sea summit soft racks

Traveller Softracks provide a quick and easy way to get your kayak to your favorite paddling spot without the added expense and complication of a fixed roof rack system. The Sea to Summit Traveller Soft Rack has a unique daisy chain lash point system for maximum compatibility, while also offering a larger footprint for better weight distribution on your car roof. 2 Sizes available

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Sea to Summit tie down with silicon cam cover

Sea to Summit Tie Down straps with Silicone Cam Cover are a reliable and easy to use strap that are an ideal solution for securing a kayak or SUP to your roof racks. The silicone cam cover protects your car from the rugged metal cam. 

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These cushioned rack pads from Rhino are 85cm wide and perfectly suited to Rhino Vortex Bars. Easy to install and remove. Supplied with tie-down straps



Simple, inexpensive secure locking system for Hobie kayaks

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These 700mm Rhino Wrap Pads are uniquely designed to fit the bars between the planks of the Pioneer range of rooftop trays and platforms. The Pioneer Wrap Pads are used to provide protection for both your gear and the Pioneer system.

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The Rhino-Rack Folding J Style Kayak Carrier is designed to transport your kayak on the side to save space. 

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The Stacker 830 by Thule can maximize your kayak carrying ability with potential for facilitating up to 4 kayaks stacked on their side, taking up the least amount of roof space. 

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The Rhino Rack Universal Multi-Purpose Holder allows you to transport your cargo on almost any roof system easier than ever before.



The new Dock grip kayak cradles from Thule are a versatile, horizontal kayak carrier with large cushioned flexible pads that conform to a large range of hull shapes as well as SUPs. These cradles sit higher than most making them a great choice for our most popular kayak, the Hobie Outback. Includes tie-down straps and bow/stern ties

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Kayak Ceiling Hoist System for convenient and easy storage of kayaks in carports and garages

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