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Lovig Kayak Deck Cover

Our new kayak deck cover has been designed as a one-size-fits-almost-all to fit a variety of sized kayaks (ideally 12- 14' length), including our most popular models: Hobie Compass, Compass Duo, Outback (old and new version), Outfitter, Odyssey, Kona, Revolution 13, Pro Angler 12 and well pretty much any kayak that roughly resembles these mentioned models. In other words, there's not many kayaks this won't fit (contact us if you are unsure if it will fit your kayak). Incorporates a clever internal compression system to reduce length at the stern if required. Combined with the elasticized sleeve, this helps to ensure a snug fit from bow to stern & port to starboard.  

Made from heavy duty waterproof polyester canvass, with reinforced 1" webbing straps stitched across the entire cover for durability. Perfect for protecting your kayak during transport as well as storage. Great quality and especially great price. 

Hobie Compass Kayak Cover
Lovig Kayak Cover fitted to Compass

Fitted to 2019 Outback

Fitted to Compass with H-Crate stored in rear well

Fitted to Compass Duo

Fitted to Revolution 13

hobie pro angler 12 kayak cover
Fitted to Pro Angler 12