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80043001 Trax 2-30 wheelcart

Hobie have released a big-dog version of the beach-sand friendly wheelcart, the new Hobie Trax 2-30 plug in cart. This model is ideal for larger and heavier kayaks on softer beach sand.

SKU 80043001

Trax 2-30 beach sand wheel

Replacement 30cm beach sand wheels, as used in Hobie Trax 2-30 wheelcart

SKU 80043011

Hobie Island Beach Wheel Dolly

Hobie's new Tandem Island Dolly has been created to simplify cartage of the Tandem Island. The beach wheel version uses larger softer wheels for easier carting around on soft sand.

Hobie Heavy Duty Cart Wheels

Individual replacement wheels for Hobie Heavy Duty Kayak Carts. Sold individually

SKU 80046041

Hobie Trax 2 Sand Wheelcart

The Hobie Trax 2 wheelcart has been designed in conjunction with Wheel-Ez to be most suitable for wheeling a kayak around on soft sand.

SKU 80044101

hobie collar clamps

Hobie wheelcart collar clamps are used for setting the height at which the kayak sits on the cart frame and to prevent hull ding damage caused by weighing down on the frame crossbar

SKU 80044201

Hobie Heavy Duty Wheelcart

As the name implies, the heavy-duty plug-in wheelcart is Hobie's toughest Plug-in cart.

SKU 80046001

Replacement 24cm wheels for Hobie Trax 2 wheelcarts

SKU 80044112

 Hobie Island Beach Wheel Dolly

The Tuff beach dolly is designed specifically for Hobie Pro Angler models and is well suited for carting them on beach sand, especially soft fluffy beach sand. They are more durable than plug-in carts and better suited to larger kayaks with heavy loads. 

Hobie wheelcart end cap

Replacement dome-shaped end cap for Hobie wheel cart frame posts

SKU 80045000

Hobie Standard Wheelcart

Standard plug-in Hobie kayak wheelcart. Extremely durable tires and strong spoked wheels. Light weight. Wheels are easily removable.

SKU 80045001

The Tuff dolly is designed specifically for Hobie Pro Angler models. They are tougher than plug-in carts and better suited to larger heavier models. The Tuff dolly is optimal for use on solid surfaces, such as grass, dirt tracks and boat ramps.

Hobie Island Tuff Dolly

Hobie's new Tandem Island Dolly has been created to simplify cartage of the Tandem Island. The Tuff-tyre version is best used for boat ramps, concrete, grass and dirt pathways.

Trax lock knobs

Replacement Hobie Trax wheel cart locking knobs

SKU 80044051

Replacement frames for Hobie kayak wheel carts. Frames available for standard, heavy duty, Trax 2 and Trax 2-30 carts. Supplied with collar clamps

SKU Hobie-Kayak-Wheelcart-Frames
* Type:

cart keeper pin end cap

Replacement Hobie wheel cart end cap with built-in shock cord and keeper pin

SKU 80044151

Sea Summit sit on top cart

Transporting a sit-on-top boat can be quite challenging due to their larger width and often heavier weight. With this cart Sea to Summit set out to create a unique sit-on-top trolley that was universal in application and robust enough to cater for the large range of boats in this category. This patent pending design features unique tapered cones that fit snugly into a broad range of scupper hole sizes and reduce side to side movement of your trolley during towing.


Hobie Standard Cart Wheel

Replacement wheels for Hobie's standard kayak wheelcart. Available individually

SKU 80045041

sea summit kayak cart

Sea to Summit's folding cart is an ideal transport solution for kayaks, canoes or sit-on-tops. Ideal for use on beach sand and harder terrain.


The New Zealand made C-TUG Kayak and Canoe Sand Carts are a versatile and durable kayak cart that can carry up to 80kg. It also easily dismantles for stowing and is completely rust proof.

SKU 50-0006-71

Hobie's new Fold & Stow Cart is lightweight and can easily be folded into a compact size and be stowed inside the hull or rear well of your kayak.

SKU 80047001

I-Hobie Plug-in carts are compatible with Hobie inflatable kayaks and Mirage Eclipse Boards. Standard and beach sand types available

SKU Plugin-i-Carts
* Type:

The Cart cradle was designed by Hobie to provide extra support for the hull of Tandem Islands on wheelcarts.

SKU 80044202

This simple kit allows for easy insertion of a Hobie wheelcart into a Hobie kayak

SKU 324

Sit-on-top style wheelcart for wheeling kayaks and canoes from your vehicle to water and back again. 32cm diameter inflatable wheels. Includes webbing strap to secure hull in place over cart

SKU 317

Replacement stainless steel wheel retainer pins for Hobie standard and Heavy Duty wheelcarts

SKU 80046021

Replacement cotter hairpins for Hobie Trax beach sand wheelcarts

SKU 20501