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We've seen a huge increase in kayak anglers heading off shore in the pursuit of tuna and other pelagics recently and Hobie's Revolution 13 and Revolution 16 models are best suited to the task. SLH's resident offshore kayak angler Josh Holmes has configured this package tailored for exactly that. The 'Tuna Slayer' package consists of hand-picked essential items Josh would use himself and happily recommend for anyone in the pursuit of angry pelagic fish in open water.

Drawing from his lengthy experience chasing large fish from the Hobie Revo 13 and 16 models, Josh has very specific reasons for choosing the components he has selected in this fit out, most of which is probably best described in person. If you have any questions about the set up of this package, feel free to ask

Consists of:

RAM Tough Tubes are ideal for trolling from the Revo for two reasons: Firstly they are rock solid - no fish is going to pull these backwards or break them off. Secondly, rod butts are concealed in the tube and as such, never get in the way of the pedals, and help to minimize clutter on deck

The new H-Crate Jnr is a perfect fit for the rear well of a Revo and adds useful storage and mounting utility. Spare rods, gafs, nets and flag poles can be easily stored and leashed in the corner holders, H-Rail accessories (such as the cup holder) mounted to the rails and tackle boxes and safety gear can be stored in the crate itself 

Hobie Rod Extender tubes provide handy and easily accessible rod storage. We get Colin to build our bungee leashes directly into them, which provides security for both rod and rod holder

BerleyPro visors help to minimize sun glare on the screen, can help to protect the screen from damage and lastly (but not least) they get you chicks! The Lowrance Hook 4X is the best bang for buck sounder on the market, and a perfect fit for a Revo. You could upgrade this to a Hook 4 if you required a GPS. Mounting it in the sail mast receiver is just one option, although you may prefer to have it mounted closer to the seat