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Hobie Kayak Paddle Series 2019

Hobie paddle kayaks are made out of high quality UV resistant rotomolded polyethylene and are ideal for a variety of recreational kayaking pursuits, from exploring to fishing. Made in the USA, built to last and designed by professional marine engineers, don't confuse Hobie kayaks with cheap imitations - the difference is in the details


Hobie Lanai Kayak
Hobie Lanai Kayak Slate
Hobie's Lanai is an entry-level kayak that takes no shortcuts on quality and workmanship. Great tracking, maneuverability and stability, all in a compact 9' package - More Info
Price: $975

Quest 11

Hobie Quest Kayak
Hobie Quest 11 2019
The Quest 11 from Hobie is a compact high-performance kayak with a hydrodynamic shape that paddles efficiently and tracks like a champion. Featuring Hobie's CT Vantage seat it is also supremely comfortable - More Info
Price: $1850

Quest 13

Hobie Quest 13 Slate
Hobie Quest Kayak 2019
The Hobie Quest has been in the range a long time. It's improved a lot over the years - more comfortable than ever - and retains the title as Hobie's best all round performing solo paddle kayak - More Info
Price: $1950


Hobie Kona-Tandem-2019
The Kona is Hobie's least expensive tandem kayak is a great all-round performer in rivers, dams, lakes and estuaries on fair-weather days - More Info
Price: $1650


Hobie Odyssey Kayak
Suitable for a vast array of paddling scenarios, the Hobie Odyssey is the consummate family friendly, go-anywhere, do-anything paddle kayak - More Info
Price: $1750