Lovig Fishing Kayak

Larger super comfortable fishing kayak with great storage and multiple fitting options.  An awesome big water kayak for the serious angler spending long sessions on the water.  The paddler's deck chair is adjustable and sits above the deck allowing you to stay dry. The chair locates into two different height positions allowing for low position stability or extra height to see into the water.  With a 13' waterline and built in rudder control the Maverick 13 will glide quickly, track perfectly and turn freely.  A wider beam allows for good stability and the option of standing up without over compromising the hull speed. Price: $1199.00 $899.00

There are two molded in catch or utility tanks, one in the forward cockpit with a clip down lid and the second with a scupper that allows for self draining under a swing up hatch in the bow.  The front cockpit also features three universally mounted detachable rod holders on a fitting module that can be used for more accessories or a fish finder.  Four accessory mounting tracks are also strategically installed in the gunwales, both sides front and rear to allow for even more customization without the need to drill holes.


  • Material: UV Resistant Polyethylene, with electrolytes
  • Length: 405cm (13' approx)
  • Width: 80cm
  • Weight: 38kg
  • Carrying Capacity: 200kg (Up to 130kg recommended)


  • 1 x 2 piece aluminium paddle with drip rings
  • 1 x Angler's deck chair
  • 3 x Universal mounted and detachable fishing rod holders on fitting module
  • 2 x Fishing Rod carriers
  • Forward scuppered catch tank with hinged lid
  • Center Console utility bin with clip down lid
  • Foot pedal controlled rudder system, fully adjustable
  • Four cockpit mounted accessory tracks
  • Rear carry area
  • Rear Hatch with hinged lid
  • Scupper plugs, carry handles and bungee cord tie downs

Angler Deck Chair in High set position for enhanced visibility and leverage. Can also be lowered for additional stability

Supplied with 3 rod holders mounted to the front fitting module. Great for spreading out multiple lines. There are also 2 flush molded holders behind the seat. Molded in catch tank features a folding hatch lid and scuppered drainage hole that can be plugged with supplied scupper plug 

Supplied with 3 Genuine Railblaza 2 Rod Holders and Round Starport Mounts