Hobie Fishing Kayaks

The original and still the leader in terms of design, performance and reliability, Hobie Mirage Pedal-Powered kayaks have been the most popular kayak fishing platforms for well over a decade. The Hobie Miragedrive pedal-powered propulsion system is a game changer for kayak fishing, affording hands-free angling and the ability to maneuver while fighting a fish. Equally as important, pedaling is easier and significantly more efficient than paddling, making it much easier for a broader range of anglers to get out there.

Hobie Passport 12 Bay Sand 2021

Hobie's new 2021 Model Passport 12 offers powerful pedal propulsion with the new Kick Up Glide Tech Miragedrive, a raised breathable mesh seat and a wider cockpit area with EVA floor padding to provide a stable platform for standing and stretching your legs. Great storage capacity in the bow or stern cargo with internal stowage in the twist and seal hatch conveniently positioned directly in front of the seat. Includes a built in transducer scupper system for easy installation of your sounder.
2021 Model Price$2699

Hobie Mirage Compass 2021 Papaya

The Hobie Mirage Compass is a minimalistic fishing kayak that makes no compromises on quality and offers an incredible blend of stability, efficiency, maneuverability and reliability at an affordable price. We would say it offers the best 'per-dollar' and 'per-kilogram' performance in the range and is perfectly suited for kayak fishing WesternPort and Port Phillip Bays. 2021 Models are supplied with the new Kick Up MD180 Miragedrive. 2021 Models available from $3690

Compass Duo Papaya 2021

Based on the huge success of the Compass model that was introduced in 2018, Hobie have followed up with the inevitable tandem model, the Duo. The Hobie Compass Duo replaces the Outfitter model and offers more speed, stability, carrying capacity, better performance in choppy water and is a better kayak in every way. Available from: $4390

Hobie Mirage Outback 2020 Dune

Hobie's Outback has long been considered one of the best fishing platforms in the world of kayaks, and the latest 2020 model adds more stability, utility, rear load carrying capacity and now comes with the new 'kick-up' version of the 180 Miragedrive Turbo for maximum performance and dependability. Available from: $4990

Hobie Pro Angler 12 Dune

Hobie's Pro Angler 12 is the feature-packed smaller (but not little) brother to the Pro Angler 14. Otherwise known as the PA12, it to blurs the line between kayak and boat. Much like the larger PA14, the 12' model offers a level of stability and utility that commands respect. 2021 Models available from $5790

Hobie Pro Angler 14 Papaya 2021

Hobie's Pro Angler 14 sets a new benchmark for fishing kayaks, though it has to be said that for several reasons, the PA14 (as it is often referred to) blurs the line between kayak and boat. Not only does it offer a level of stability and utility that surpasses everything else on the market, featuring a seat design closer to what one would expect to see on a boat it's also one of the most comfortable. This has made it an attractive option to those who otherwise couldn't see themselves fishing from a more traditional style of kayak. 2021 Models available from $5990

Hobie PA12 360

Hobie Pro Angler 12 360 2020 model, the most manoeuvrable fishing kayak on the planet. Featuring the new MirageDrive 360 is the 'little' brother to the larger 14' model, offering a great balance of stability and utility in a lighter, more compact form factor. Price: $7490

The 2020 Pro Angler 14 360 with the new MirageDrive 360 is the new ultimate kayak fishing platform, if not the ultimate fishing machine. Life is too short for compromise. Price: $7690

Hobie Pro Angler 17T Tandem Fishing Kayak

Hobie's latest innovation ushers in a new era for tandem kayak fishing. We're confident in claiming that the Mirage Pro Angler 17T is the most feature-packed pedal-powered tandem fishing platform on the planet. Available via special order only: $8290