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Hobie PA12 360

Hobie Pro Angler 12 with Miragedrive 360, Coming soon. Pre-orders available. Free set of Lovig Kayak Fishing Dry Pants and Jacket with every pre-order
Price: $7290

Hobie PA12 360 Top View

PA12 360 Amazon Green

The Pro Angler 12 with the new MirageDrive 360 is the 'little' brother to the larger 14' model, offering a great balance of stability and utility in a lighter, more compact form factor. Boasting all of the perfected features present in the 2019 Pro Angler series, the 360 series sours ahead with a Miragedrive capable propelling the kayak in 360 degrees (hence the name), offering unparalleled control and maneuverability. Equally as impressive, the new Miragedrive 360 features spring-loaded 'kick-up' fins that fold back whenever they make contact with a solid object, which is going to be a god-send for anglers fishing in shallow skinny waters. Don't believe us? Watch this promo video to see what it is capable of!


  • Length: 12' / 3.66 M
  • Width: 36" / 0.91 M
  • Height: 20" / 0.51 M
  • Capacity: 500 LBS / 227 KG
  • Fitted hull weight: 105 LBS / 48 KG
  • Fully rigged weight: 128.5 LBS / 58.29 KG
  • Colours: Arctic Blue Camo, Amazon Green Camo

Arctic Blue CamoAmazon Green Camo 


  • Carry handles
  • Bow hatch with removable storage liner
  • Accessory Mount (for sail or bimini)
  • Horizontal rod storage
  • Miragedrive 360
  • Guardian Transducer Scupper
  • EVA Foam floor mats
  • Large rectangular hatch with tackle management system
  • Rudder up / down & steering control
  • Rubber mesh pockets 
  • Vantage Seat
  • Flush molded rod holders
  • Rear cargo storage area
  • 8" twist and seal hatch
  • 2 x H-Rail Horizontal rod racks
  • H-Rail cup holders
  • Dual H-Rails

Hobie Miragedrive 360

Kayak fishing for kingfish in new Hobie PA12 360

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