Offering pedal, paddle and sail-powered propulsion, Hobie Island Trimaran Sailing Kayaks are one of the most unique boats in the world and one of the easiest sail boats to use. Great for adventuring, exploring, camping expeditions, fishing, or just plain fun in the sun! 

Hobie Adventure Island Dune

The Adventure Island is the perfect fit for those looking for a highly versatile and capable vessel that can be used in various waterways and conditions - especially in situations where speed and the ability to cover longer distances is paramount. Whether you're just looking for something to get out on the water for thrills, ambitious expeditions, fishing endeavors or all of the above it's hard to go wrong with the AI. As a sailboat it is easy enough to manage and can be transported via car-top or trailer and is quick and easy to rig. As a kayak it's fast, efficient and surprisingly stable in it's own right. As an outrigger it's simply one of the best fishing platforms on offer. If you can see yourself using the AI in all of these configurations, we're confident in recommending it to you. 2021 Model: $8190

Hobie Tandem Island

The Tandem Island trimaran sailing kayak is the two-seater big brother to the Adventure Island (AI) created by Hobie due to popular demand. The 'TI' as it is otherwise known is bigger, faster, more stable and offers greater carrying capacity than the AI but equally as versatile. The TI is a tandem trimaran sailing vessel that is easily the most capable Hobie Miragedrive boat. 2021 Model Price: $9990