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Hobie paddle kayaks are made out of high quality UV resistant rotomolded polyethylene and are ideal for a variety of recreational kayaking pursuits, from exploring to fishing. Don't confuse Hobie's paddle kayaks with cheap imitations - the difference is in the details

Hobie Quest 11 Fishing, Touring and Recreation Kayak

  • 2017 Model Price: $1675
  • 2016 Model Price: $1390

Based upon the long-time success of their all-rounder recreational paddling kayak (Quest 13) Hobie have released the Quest 11, which at 11' length is 2' shorter and almost 6kg lighter, achieving these features without losing out on performance.

Hobie Quest 13 Fishing and Touring Kayak  

  • 2017 Model Price: $1875
  • 2016 Model Price: $1590

The Quest 13 is Hobie's high-performance solo paddle model, aptly capable for use in open ocean, protected bays, dams, lakes, rivers, creeks and ponds - in short, it performs well almost everywhere. 

Hobie Odyssey top view

Hobie Odyssey Tandem Touring, Fishing and Recreation Kayak

Price: $1790

Suitable for a vast array of paddling scenarios, the Hobie Odyssey is the consummate family friendly, go-anywhere, do-anything paddle kayak. Featuring a long, sleek waterline, a stable hull, great tracking and the ability to haul 540 pounds – plus plenty of on-deck gear storage – the Odyssey opens up worlds of fun.

Hobie Kona tandem kayak top view

Hobie Kona Tandem Recreation Kayak

Price: $1690

With room for two (and three at a pinch) Hobie's Kona tandem kayak offers plenty of stability and nimble responsive performance normally found on a single-seater, the Kona is the perfect two-person tandem kayak.

Hobie Lanai kayak top view

Hobie Lanai Recreation Kayak

Price: $975

Hobie's Lanai is an entry-level kayak that takes no shortcuts on quality and workmanship - it's a Hobie through and through. Combining the best attributes of smaller profile kayaks, the Lanai boasts outstanding tracking, maneuverability and stability.