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Replace the rudder cam and flared pin with this kit that includes a pair of cams and a pair of binding post screws.

SKU Rudder-Cam-kit
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Complete tiller linkage replacement kit for Hobiecat catamarans.

SKU 3052

Standard replacement blade for Hobie Cat H14, H16, H17 & H18 Catamarans

SKU 20493000

Upper rudder castings for H14 & H16 Hobie catamarans. Port & Starboard available

SKU H14-H16-Rudder-casting-upper
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Tiller end cap

Tiller end cap to suit Hobie Cat Catamarans

SKU 10400010

Rudder casting bushing (packet of 4) for HobieCat rudder systems

SKU 8062001

Black adjustable lower rudder casting for Hobie 14 & 16 catamarans. Includes rudder cam & locking kit.

SKU 10412011

Protect your HobieCat rudder blade. Pair of covers with Fastex buckles to secure firmly for storage and transport. 

SKU 82420000

Rudder locking kit to suit Hobie Cat H14 & H16 Catamarans. *Sold individually

SKU 10311900

The rudder stiffening kit is used to stiffen rudders on Hobie Cat catamarans

SKU 136

Rudder Cam Screw H14/16

Rudder cam screw for Hobie 14 and 16 Catamarans

SKU 5201

Rudder pins for HobieCat 14, 16, 17 and 18 Catamarans. Available in stainless steel or aluminium

SKU Hobiecat-Rudder-Pins
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split ring

Large Stainless Steel Split rings for securing Hobie Catamaran and Island Rudder Pins

SKU 20860000

One-piece gudgeons are the strongest available and are standard on new Hobie Cats.

SKU 50102011

gudgeon screws

As of 1996, Hobie Cat changed gudgeon screws on all new boats to 'long lock' screws, which are similar to a Nylock Nut.

SKU 8030401

Replacement lower gudgeon for early model H14, H16 & H17 Hobiecats

SKU 50101401

Replacement upper gudgeon for early model H14, H16 & H17 Hobiecats

SKU 50101301

Tiller connection kit as used as standard on 2007+ Rotomolded HobieCats. Also compatible with H14, H16, H17 and H18 cats 

SKU 1957

The Hobiecat rudder adjuster kit provides adjustable tiller length. Compatible with Hobie 14, 16, 17 and 18 Hobiecats

SKU 60400011