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H14/16 Downhaul Kit

This 6:1 Downhaul kit includes the rope, pulleys and cleat you need to replace or upgrade your Hobie 14 or 16 downhaul system. Appropriate tension on the downhaul for the breeze is essential for your Hobie to glide upwind.

  • Part# 2089

H14/16 Downhaul Kit 6:1

Installation instructions:

Screws and square nuts should be installed into the mounting plate first. Please note that some square nuts have a rounded side and a sharper side. The sharper side should face the mounting plate when threaded onto the screws. This will allow for a better grip to the inside of the luff track when positioned and tightened. Keep the nuts loose and install mounting plate into luff track. Slide all the way down to the mast base. Tighten the screws while pulling lightly on the plate to seat the nuts inside the mast. This will help hold the nuts still as you start tightening the plate down. Tighten evenly as you go then tension the screw significantly to hold the plate in the mast track. A loose plate could slip up the mast when heavy loads are use on the downhaul system. You can also make a small notch in the mast at the top of the plate, then bend the plate slightly into the notch. This will lock the plate into the track.

Shackle the top block to the downhaul ring on the boom / gooseneck.

The system is designed to prohibit its use from the trapeze wire as per class rules.

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