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Successful racers have gone to super low profile systems on Hobie 16’s (6:1) and 18’s (7:1). This allows the sailors to achieve more mast rake for better pointing ability and reduced pitch pole tendency. They are using the Harken 2 1/4" ratchet block and boom blocks with 3/8" line. The lower block is customized to allow the post to enter the traveler car hinge plate on the Hobie 16. To convert to 7:1, H18 sailors add a mini-block to the eye that’s normally used to tie off to and then tie the line off on an empty boom bail. New Hobie 16s come with H194 Lower ratchet and H2640 Carbo upper. These are compatible with older models. 

  • H2640* Upper 40mm Carbo
  • H194* Lower 2.25" Block
  • *use 3/8" sheet rope for smooth flow of line through blocks