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Trentec tramp clamp prevents trampoline from pulling out of aluminum extrusion. Increases the trampoline life of your Hobie cat catamaran. Minimizes chafing of the trampoline at the critical stress points.

SKU 2066

Trampolines for Hobie Club Wave

Mesh tramps for Hobie Cat H16 catamarans, available in black & turquoise colours

SKU H16-Tramps
* Colour:

Hobie 14 Tramp

Mesh trampolines for Hobie Cat H14 Catamarans, Black & Turqoise colours

SKU H14-Tramps
* Colour:

Trampolines for Hobie Cat Getaway Catamaran

SKU Getaway-Tramps
* Colour:

Trampolines for Hobie Cat H18 Catamarans

SKU H18-Tramps
* Colour:

Trampolines for Hobie Cat H17 Catamaran

SKU H17-Tramps
* Colour: