Hobie Auto Harness

Features a slender back design with adjustable lumbar support that gives a high degree of freedom of movement while providing excellent back support for extended time on the trapeze. Ideal for fast maneuvers around tight courses where agility is paramount. 

Wide stainless spreader bar with "auto ratchet" feature allows easy adjustment of harness around hips. Second generation bar, tried and tested is well established in windsurfing and kitesurfing. Precise adjustment with no stretching after adjustment and immersion in water. Non-slip locking system with very clean profile, no unnecessary straps left hanging about waiting to get caught. Crotchless harness with unique leg strap design combining neoprene and webbing to eliminate chafe. Neoprene covers over side buckles. Kevlar reinforced seat. 

  • #1376SM - Small (Out of stock)
  • #1376MD - Medium
  • #1376LG - Large (Out of stock)
  • #1376XL - XL (Out of stock)