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Recently we made some changes to our member registration process to limit the means in which customers could create an account for our website.

That time of year is rolling around again, where we find ourselves carting the best of Hobie's best up to the Melbourne Convention Centre to put on display at the 2017 Melbourne Boat Show. Running from Friday 16th of June through to Monday 19th of June you'll find us demonstrating the cream of Hobie's crop at stand B6. New to the stand for this year will be the new MirageDrive 180° (featuring full speed reverse) as well as the new camo colour. There will also be a range of Stand Up Boards on display, including the new Eclipse pedal-powered innovation. As per usual there will be some sharp prices on offer, making it a pretty good time of year to get onto a new Hobie!

Josh, Carl and Rhett carried out another fishing AI expedition to Fraser Island Island a few weeks back and although weather was unkind the boys still managed a few good fish, including a black marlin tamed by Rhett

Our creative spirits were put to work recently, conducting an experiment to see how well we could fit a Pro Angler H-Rail system to a Hobie Outback. The boss was so impressed he decided to do it to his own ride!

We've just added two new Railblaza products to our range of kayak fishing accessories. One of them is a new Rod Holder, which is the little brother to the popular Rod Holder 2. The new Rod Holder R is designed for light to medium kayak fishing duties with baitcaster or spinning reels. 

To coincide with the release of the new and enigmatic Island Spinnaker kit, SLH have decided to host a get-together with Island enthusiasts in the shop to cover the basics of installation and usage. While Dave performs an installation Scott will discuss the advantages and characteristics of a spinnaker rig and share some usage tips. Time allowing Josh will spend some time discussing general maintenence tips on Island boats, discussing both current and earlier models. Along the way we'll do our best to answer any questions that anyone might have

We'll put some drinks on ice and some snags on the BBQ, kicking off proceedings at 3:00PM and winding up at around 5:00PM Saturday 30th of April

Hope to see you there!

Hobie Mirage Eclipse Pedal SUP

HobieCat have revealed their latest innovation, advancing the sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding in the same way they did for kayaking by introducing a step-pedal powered scooter-style SUP. Available in 10'-5" and 12' lengths, it's called the Hobie Mirage Eclipse and there is nothing else like it on the planet! Now in store! Check it out:

Hobie have released the long awaited Spinnaker Kit for Tandem Islands and Adventure islands and are now available for purchase. 

SL Hobie X-Mas Gift Ideas

With Christmas fast approaching we know many of you will be thinking about Xmas gift ideas... even if only to buy yourself a small gift. We've added a plethora of new and interesting products recently and below we've listed the most popular new additions... 

Josh and co embarked on yet another Hobie-powered kayak fishing expedition at Fraser Island and as always have hooked and caught some magnificent fish, catching most of the action on video. Here is a teaser trailer for the full video Josh is currently putting together. Starring marlin, tuna, mackerel and trevally!

In this video guide Hobie demonstrate the basics on installing a Fish Finder (Elite 5 Chirp in this example) into a Lowrance Ready Hobie Mirage Kayak using a Fish Finder Install Kit 3 and RAM Fish Finder Mount 

RAM Mount representative John Jackson provides a brief introduction and demonstration of the RAM rod holder range

SLH staffer and long-time Adventure Island enthusiast Josh 'Yakass' Holmes has published a video review of the new 2015 model Hobie Adventure Island (not to be confused with his written review). This is an entertaining watch that not only shows off how well the new Island can handle stiff winds and sloppy seas, but also how well it performs as a fishing expedition platform.

SLH staffer and devotee off-shore kayak angler Josh 'Yakass' Holmes has edited together a 3.5 minute clip featuring some of his favourite fishing highlights from the Hobie Adventure Island. Watch with envy as hauls some impressive fish (marlin, mackerel, cobia, tuna, trevally, sharks and more) from around the east coast of Australia.

2015 Hobie Adventure Island Inverloch

Hobie's Adventure Island (AI) has long been recognized as their most versatile pedal-powered craft, and for good reason. Fitted with a roller-furling main sail as well as amas, it can be transformed from a kayak to a trimaran sailing vessel. It can also be fitted with a single ama and used as an Outrigger. Because it can be configured in these various ways it can be employed in circumstances that best suit the conditions of the day. As a kayak it's always been a smooth and sleek performer, as an outrigger it becomes super stable and as a trimaran it is capable of going a lot faster with an extended range. Throughout the years the AI has been used for general recreational use - sailing and or kayaking - through to ambitious off shore fishing excursions and extended coastal expeditions, and everything in-between. 

Promotional video for the 5th Annual Hobie Kayak Fishing World Championship teases the location for 2015 and provides a highlight reel from the 4th event in the Netherlands   

SLH staffer and team member Josh 'Yakass' Holmes recently returned from another one of his annual expeditions to Fraser Isl, in which weather shined, insects behaved and fish aplenty. Numerous good fish were caught, but the catch of the week was a juvenile marlin. There were two of them caught (one by Josh, one by Rhett) though only Josh's catch was fully caught on video.

When it comes to loading kayaks onto roof racks we've got quite a few tricks up our sleeve. There is no single silver bullet solution when it comes to car-topping - different kayak model & car model types as well as various roof rack arrangements command a need for various loading options. In this video we demonstrate a bunch of different loading systems. Yup... we've got an answer for everything!

In the videos below Hobie's kayak fishing guru Morgan demonstrates the Lowrance Ready transducer and fish finder installation system. The first clip introduces the system in brief and the second clip goes into more detail into how it all works. 

Hobie USA have released a brief introductory video that demonstrates the new Vantage CT seating system that is being included on all 2015 Hobie Mirage Kayak models

Lowrance X4 Pro sounder

When it comes to installing a fish finder into a fishing kayak, for all sorts of reasons it makes sense to do it in such a way that ensures that the internal wiring is sitting up as high as possible. The idea, of course, is that the higher the wiring the further clear it will be of any bilge that might inadvertently make its way inside the kayak. This is all especially true for the uneducated or lazier among our kayak angler ranks who tend to leave water in their hulls even when in storage (hint: if this is you, you're doing it wrong). It is particularly important to make sure that any wiring connections have as much clearance as possible to avoid contamination that might otherwise lead to power failure.

Recently we've come up with a method for ensuring maximum possible clearance for sounder installation wiring that just so happens to offer some convenient fringe benefits. We call this a 'spring-loaded wiring installation' and it has become the standard procedure that we employ for most installs (in particular, any installation we perform where the battery is stored in the rear hatch). The following is a DIY guide for those that want to take the initiative and install their own fish finders using the same method. In this guide we're installing a basic Lowrance X4 Pro sounder into a Hobie Quest kayak using a Fish Finder Install Kit III, which includes wiring long enough to reach the rear hatch, as well as a battery holder to cradle the battery. *Note: Read the entire guide before attempting to follow the instructions - it will help you prepare for the process better if you know what's involved.

Hobie have published a short instructional video on how to go about fitting a H-Bar to a Pro Angler fishing kayak. Watch these clips for tips on how to do it yourself (old and new version guides available)