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Recently we made some changes to our member registration process to limit the means in which customers could create an account for our website.

Previously we allowed membership registrations via our shopping cart checkout as well as through a separate registration form. Due to technical issues arising from incompatibilities between them we have set it up so that registered accounts can now only be created as a part of the checkout process. We do not require customers to create an account to purchase from our online store (which is why we also provide an alternative guest checkout feature) but we do recommend our customers register an account during checkout because checkout will be faster for future purchases (no need to reenter address, contact info, etc) and we do offer special members-only prices as a customer loyalty incentive (and these are only visible when logged in), not to mention the ability to save wishlists also becomes available.    

The only downside to restricting membership registration options to the checkout process is that there is no way to view members only prices or save wishlists unless you already have a registered account. By forcing the registration feature to the checkout process the impression is that one needs to purchase something from our website before they can create an account. The good news is that there is a workaround. Here's how to create an account at the SLH website without committing to a purchase:

  1. Peruse any of the products in our accessories pages and add something to the cart and then click 'checkout' to open the cart
  2. On the cart page click the 'proceed to checkout' button to open the checkout page
  3. Under 'checkout options' make sure the 'register account' option is checked and then click 'continue'
  4. Fill out the required fields (name, email, phone and address details), create a password, then click continue.
  5. You're done - you have created an account and are now logged in. Now you can save wishlists and view members only pricing (visible on selected items)