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If you ever end up with an inadvertent ding in the hull of your Hobie kayak, don't panic - all is not lost. In most cases it is actually relatively easy to remove a ding from a kayak hull. Hobie Kayak Tech have posted an informative video on one of the various methods to go about doing it.


There are other ways to go about doing it to. One of our favourite methods at SLH is to use a suction cup to pull out the ding. This process involves heating up the plastic, either with hot water as shown in the video above, or otherwise with a hair-drier or heat gun (don't overdo it). With the plastic suitably warmed up, apply the suction cup and pull the ding out and then hold the cup in position as the plastic cools down. For more troublesome dings, you might be able to tie a weight to the suction cup and leave it overnight. More info on removing dings from kayak hulls can be found on this page in our FAQ section