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Tandem paddle kayaks

Hobie Kona tandem paddle kayak 

Then there are the two tandem paddle kayaks - the Kona (pictured above) and the Odyssey (pictured below), both of which share many features. Among them is the ability for a seat to be positioned in a centre position for solo use. So as far as tandem kayaks go, these ones actually fare pretty well for solo use. The former is more of a recreational kayak best suited for flat water conditions, the latter more of a touring design that better accommodates longer distances and open water. The Kona is a bit shorter and wider, so although giving up a bit of speed, it makes up in primary stability. Due to it's shorter length, the Kona is a bit lighter and is slightly more maneuverable but doesn't boast the weight or gear carrying capacity of the Odyssey. 

Hobie Odyssey tandem paddle kayak

The Odyssey has been completely redesigned for 2011, with a much more hydro-dynamic hull shape that makes for a faster, smoother and much more stable ride. On top of that it has a higher weight carrying capacity and more storage space inside and out. There is now a rear storage well, 2 molded rod holders and is live-well compatible. Whereas the previous Odyssey design was perhaps one of the least suited for kayak fishing, the new Odyssey is actually very well suited.

Of the Kona and Odyssey, the latter is currently the better design for fishing, and is also going to be the most popular option for those wanting to do longer distance touring, overnight kayak camping or open ocean paddling. For most users, the Odyssey will be the pick of the two.

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