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Tandem pedal kayaks

It would be true to say that most punters with kayak fishing on their mind are more interested in the pedal-powered mirage kayaks and for good reason. Fishing is just easier when you have pedal-powered propulsion at your disposal and this is especially true of tandem kayaks. The pedal system also helps eliminate some of the inherent problems of typical tandem kayaking (technique, coordination, etc) so for this reason they are extremely popular with recreational kayakers and families as well. 

The Outfitter and Oasis out-sell their paddle-only counterparts (Kona and Odyssey) by a large margin, despite being almost twice the price. Both Outfitter and Oasis models have been updated for 2011 with dual steering control, offering front seat steering capabilities, which is quite an advantage over previous years models. Not only does it give the front passenger steering options, it also means that a solo user can elect to sit in the front if they want to (and this is probably going to work better for lighter users). 

Hobie Outfitter pedal-powered fishing kayak

Up until recently, of the two tandem mirage models, the Outfitter has easily been the most popular for kayak fishing. It's easy to see why - it's wide and very stable, has loads of utility space and makes for a very spacious and comfortable fishing and kayak experience. This kayak is very well suited for fishing in creeks, rivers, lakes and estuaries, though it should be noted that it isn't a great choice for fishing out wide in the ocean - especially if it's rough and choppy. It's also a terrible choice for anyone planning to stack it up with weight, as it's only rated for a payload of 193kg, which isn't a whole lot. Enter the new 2011 flavoured Oasis.  

Hobie Oasis pedal-powered kayak

The Oasis hull has undergone several changes in recent years, but none so dramatic as the 2011 update. It would be fair to call it a whole new boat really, more like a tandem Revolution than the previous Oasis. The 2011 offering is faster, smoother and more stable than the earlier Oasis, due largely to the redesigned shape. This kayak has some obvious advantages over the Outfitter and many users should be aware of what they are. It's far better suited to kayaking in rougher waters, being higher, drier, smoother and faster. It also has a better load carrying capacity and far more storage options, making it a much better choice for kayak camping expeditions. Although it doesn't have utility trays in the gunwales like the Outfitter, it is easier to paddle. And although the Outfitter has a similar degree of primary stability, the broader and softer chines of the Oasis give it excellent secondary stability as well.

The newer model also has a larger rear storage well (livewell compatible), 2 moulded rod holders, 2 extra mesh pockets and 2 extra drink bottle holders. I think it's important to mention here that some dealers overlook the Oasis as a potential fishing kayak because it looks more like a touring model and for many years the Outfitter has been marketed as 'the fishing tandem'. If you want a pedal-powered tandem and you like the idea of using the paddles, doing longer distances, going on a kayak camping trip, or simply prefer a smoother, faster ride, the 2011 Oasis will probably suit you better than the Outfitter.

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