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Kayak Fishing Expedition, May 2014

spanish mackerel kayak fishing

I'm feeling a lot like a kid a few days out from Xmas right now because this weekend I'm packing the car with all my kayak and fishing kit and driving all the way to Hervey Bay for yet another expedition to the west coast of Fraser Island. After meeting up with my good buddies Carl & Holger (who, like me, never miss out on these annual trips) we'll be launching our Adventure Islands from the Hervey Bay Marina, sailing to Moon Point and then making our way up to Wathumba creek. ALong the way we'll be trolling lures and should we chance upon surface feeding fish we'll take a moment to cast a few lures. We don't usually encounter too much surface activity until we reach Platypus Bay, where we generally see it daily. 

This is our sixth trip to Fraser Island and our first ever in May - all other expeditions have been in November (and we'll be doing November this year as well) so we're not entirely sure what we'll find. Chances are good we'll find some tervally, spanish mackerel and tuna... hopefully the longtail variety... oh, and sharks... loads of em! They're always pretty well fed mind you, so although the odd one shows a little curiosity briefly generally they're just as distracted by fish as we are. 

We'll be there for 7 days, so we're expecting big things. Hopefully the weather and fish play nice. And with any luck we'll a lot less sand flies than we typically do in November. Below is a video of some of the action from last year!

- Josh Holmes, SLH Fishing Team