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Staying warm and dry makes all the difference

In my last blog entry I talked about the then upcoming kayak fishing expedition to Fraser Island, which is an annual event for my buddies and I. However this was the first time we'd ventured there during May - this is something we normally reserve for November. Figuring that we may chance upon longtail tuna in greater numbers in May we decided to give it a shot. Indeed we did find more tuna... for a day or two at least, but weather was most uncooporative for most of the time (with relatively unseasonal weather it was both wetter and colder than you'd expect to find in QLD at this time of year) which not only made it challenging to catch fish, but also to stay comfortable. At least thats what my buddies kept telling me - I wasn't really noticing that because I was prepared with Lovig Kayak Fishing Pants and that made all the difference.

Before embarking on the expedition both of my fellow adventurers (both of whom live north of Sydney) suggested that I was probably going to overheat wearing the pants and commented that they would never need to use such a thing in their part of the world. Anticipating a week full of crappy weather I ignored their comments and decided to wear them anyway. It only took half a day (of a week-long trip) to start eating their words. 

As is often the case, crossing the Sandy Strait was a fairly sloppy affair. Suffice to say my buddies got drenched along the way, whereas I stayed completely dry. It wasn't so much of an issue at this point because we'd only just started out and the worst of the weather was yet to come. But by the end of the week they both wanted to know how much the pants cost. By then they were pretty much sick and tired of being cold and wet and were more interested in the solution. If we do the same trip in May again (and we will) I'm willing to bet that the pair of them will be suitably prepared with Lovig pants.

- Josh Holmes, SLH Fishing Team