A: There are a variety of wheelcart and dolly options available from Hobie for their kayaks and we've gone into detail on each of these in this article titled 'Which Hobie Wheelcart?' 

Plug in carts in a nutshell: at the time of writing there are 4 styles of plug-in wheelcarts - Standard, Heavy Duty, Trax 2 and Trax 2-30. The standard is a good option for smaller and lighter models though won't perform great on soft fluffy beach sand. The Heavy duty cart uses the same frame as the standard, but has beefier wheels that look and perform like pneumatic tyres, but it does not have a tube. Its good under most models, but won't perform great on soft sand under larger and heavier models. It is a great option for launching and landing on boat ramps, grass or dirt banks and firm-packed sand. The Trax carts are designed for use on beach sand. The Trax 2 model is a good option for most models for most situations, though the larger 30cm version does make easier work of really soft sand, especially on larger and heavier models.

Dolly carts in a nutshell: The dolly carts are great under Pro Angler 14 and Tandem Island models, but they are large and heavy and thus cannot be stored on the kayaks while in use on the water. So although they can make carting the boats simpler, storage and management of the dolly's themselves may be an issue.      

*More detailed info on Hobie wheelcarts and dollys 

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