A: Yes, you can pedal backwards in a Hobie Mirage Pedal Kayak

Yes, you can, though it is a popular myth that you cannot (a myth usually peddled by kayak dealers who don't sell Hobie kayaks). This can easily be achieved by putting the MirageDrive in reverse, which involves pulling it out of the well (click & go system on current models) and installing it backwards. With a bit of practice this process will take you no longer than a few seconds. 

*Bonus tip: Pedaling backwards can be really effective when fishing with poppers and other surface lures. Insert the MirageDrive in reverse and cast your lure out in front of you. Then pedal backwards slowly as you twitch and jerk the rod to give the lure the required action. Because you're facing the lure you will see when a fish pops up to show interest. You can cover a lot of water with a single cast using this method. 

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