which hobie kayak

A: The best Hobie kayak model for you is the one that suits your intended usage scenario, the waters you plan to use it in and your personal preferences

With so many kayak models in the Hobie range it's easy to see how some find it hard to choose their ideal model at first, though selecting the right model for you should be pretty simple. All you need to do is figure out which models are a good fit for you personally, best suit the kind of waters you plan to use it in and which sort of performance features are most important to you. Knowing answers to those questions will help you and your dealer narrow down a short-list and work from there.

If after weighing the pros and cons of your short-list contenders you're still not sure, at that point the best course of action is to do an on-water demo, which most dealerships offer as part of their service. They can guide you on which models will best suit your needs but ultimately you are the best judge of which model is right for you so taking advantage of this can help you make the best decision, but it might help to go into it with just a little bit of research first. Take a look at our Hobie kayak buyers guide for more information on each model. If you're looking at a kayak primarily for fishing it might also pay for you to check out our Fishing Kayaks information page.

It may also be useful to check out our Resources page, which contains a wealth of links to some great related websites and forums. Keep in mind, however, that forums tend to be 'opinion salads' and it can be fairly easy to be lead down the garden path by the most vocal opinionated members. For example, if you were to pose the question "should I buy an Outback or a Revolution?" you will find that anyone who owns an Outback will say "get an Outback" and visa versa. This isn't really helpful. The only opinions you need to pay attention to are those that have been formed by people who have tried and owned all of the models you are comparing.

At the end of the day this is why the best advice you're going to get is from truly experienced dealerships that have been around for a long time, have a large customer base and use the kayaks themselves. Not only have they tried and compared every single model in the range, they also have the benefit of feedback from thousands of customers generated over the years. Put simply, we know which models work in best in certain usage scenarios with various user types. It's not in our interest to sell you an unsuitable model, so not only are we able to guide you in the right direction better than most, we'll do our best to do exactly that. The moral of the story is that if you really want to get the best possible advice, talk to us directly.