Pedalling the MirageDrive for optimal performance

Avoid the temptation to pedal the cranks all the way to the end. You will know that you're doing it wrong if you hear and feel a heavy click at the end of a pedal stroke, and or you hear and feel the fins hitting the underside of the hull. You do not need to maintain a full length pedal stroke to achieve efficient pedalling. In fact it is more efficient to keep the fins moving back and forth without extending the fins to their limit.

Miragedrive fins base of hull  

It is worth knowing that with one pedal arm fully extended forward, the fins will flatten out against the base of the hull. Whenever you are passing over shallow water of just a few inches, push one foot forward to flatten out the pedals underneath the base of the hull. This will allow you to drift over shallow areas and is good practice when you come in to land the kayak. A handy tip regarding flattening out the fins is that it is still possible to achieve propulsion with the fins flattened out. Just do short pedal stokes (without doing a full stroke) and the fins will flutter in the flattened position. This will allow you to pass over depths of just a few inches of water without fear of damaging the fins and masts. 

Miragedrive bungee hook

It is possible to retain the flattened fin position without using your legs and this is handy to make use of when you come in to land. That's what the plastic hook connected to the bungee cord on the deck is for. By hooking this around a pedal arm the fins will remain retracted underneath the base of the hull. The length of the bungee cord is adjustable, allowing you to set the hook position to accommodate various pedal length positions. 

Another useful tip is that if you are turning the kayak, short pedal strokes will aid in maintaining a tighter turning circle

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