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The sport of kayak fishing has grown exponentially in Australia over the past decade and most of this growth is thanks to Hobie kayaks. The introduction of the revolutionary Miragedrive pedal-powered propulsion system was a game changer for the sport. Not only because the Miragedrive allows anglers to maneuver the kayak around while fighting a fish but also because it has made it much easier for a broader range of anglers to go kayaking.

The simplicity and efficiency of the Miragedrive enables users to achieve good performance without having to have good paddling technique... or even fitness! Over the years the Hobie range of kayaks have evolved to be more fishing friendly and have now become the most popular kayak fishing platforms in the world.  

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In just the span of a decade kayak fishing has gone from being a fringe 'extreme sports' pursuit to a mainstream activity enjoyed by hundreds of thousands around the world. Australia has one of the most active kayak fishing communities that has been building steadily through the inception of forums, information portals, clubs and the emergence of a heavily embraced tournament scene. 

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Not only is kayak fishing a proven method of conquering estuary species such as flathead, whiting and the elusive bream, yaks have also proven fabulous in-land fishing platforms for bass, trout, perch and cod. Equally suited for use in lakes, rivers and creeks, kayaks are even capable of being used in off shore waters to hunt snapper, jewfish, trevally, mackeral, tuna, sharks and even billfish.

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Kayak fishing isn't just a great way to catch fish, but also to get outdoors, catch some sun on the water, passing some quality time while getting just the right amount of exercise!  There's not many better ways to spend the twilight hours than watching the sun rise above or sink over the horizon line while cruising around on your kayak!   

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