FPV-Power Telescopic Light Pole


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The telescopic light pole from FPV-Power has been designed to work with their Safety Light (available separately). But because it uses a similar 1″ adjustable ball /socket system to RAM’s it is also compatible with Action cameras that have RAM ball mounts attached. The 1″ ball attaches to the top of the pole by screwing onto a 1/4″ threaded stud, which also means you could use the 1/4″ threaded stud for a traditional camera mount as well (only smaller / lighter cameras are recommended for this pole). There is a track mountable T-bolt attached to the base, allowing for tool-less installation into boats and kayaks with gear tracks available

The telescoping functionality works a lot like an expandable police batten, so you could probably use to to scare away anyone of questionable character if you had to. It’s made of lightweight aluminium however, so it only looks like a weapon. Extends to 1.2 metres and collapses to 29cm for easy storage

  • FPV-Power Safety Light sold separately (see below)