Vantage Seat Accessory Bag


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Hobie Vantage Seat Accessory Bag, Part# 72020117

The Vantage Seat Accessory Bag provides handy storage utility for the backrest of the Vantage ST & CT seats on Hobie Mirage Kayaks

Hobie’s new Vantage Seat Accessory Bag adds a handy storage option to the rear of Vantage seats on all Hobie kayaks that use Vantage seats, in a place that is otherwise wasted real estate. Includes a zippered internal pocket (ideal for secure storage of keys, phone, wallet, etc) and enough room in the main compartment to carry snacks, flares, leader line, small tackle box, etc. Clear PVC window in the lid and drainage hole at the bottom. Secured to seat using heavy duty velcro straps top and bottom.