SLH Deluxe Rigged Grapnel Anchor


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SLH rigged grapnel anchors incorporate a 1.5kg grapnel anchor rigged with a breakaway snag-friendly rig and 22 metres of durable 4mm 8plt rope. Includes sheaved leader for abrasion resistance, float and snap clip to allow for quick removal without losing the anchor.

We’ve pre-rigged the anchors using the ‘breakaway’ a technique that is far more snag-friendly that the default method most people use. Rather than tying off the rope to the base of the handle (which is what a lot of noobs tend to do) we have tied it to the top of the anchor head. Then we run the line down the length of anchor and hitch it to the handle base with a cable tie. This way if the anchor becomes snagged, once you pull hard enough the cable tie will break away and then pull from the head rather than the handle, pulling the anchor out of the snag.

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